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Text Text 5 Exciting Releases from Under Armour's Investor Day

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1 – New headquarters CEO Kevin Plank said that Under Armour is outgrowing its small urban headquarters in downtown Baltimore. To continue attracting world-class talent and keep the business growing, it is preparing a new and more expansive HQ in south Baltimore that will hold its first occupants by January 2016.

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1 – New headquarters

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1 – New headquarters “The time has come for us to build a better house - not just a bad ass house, which you can count on, but one that’s also going to maximize and optimize workflow.” – Kevin Plank The new campus will feature innovation labs, sporting and fitness fields, and also public spaces to help “beautify” the city.

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1 – New headquarters

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2 – Steph Curry signs through 2024

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2 – Steph Curry signs through 2024 Golden State Warriors guard and UA-sponsored basketball player Steph Curry won league MVP for the 2014-15 season. Under Armour announced that Curry re-signed with UA through the 2024 season, likely the player’s entire career. This is huge for Under Armour, as it plans to expand its basketball segment to $1 billion in annual sales within a few years.

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3 – New footwear While footwear is only about 14% of total sales now, Under Armour plans to grow that to 22% of the business at $1.7 billion in annual sales by 2018. Speaking of Curry, basketball shoes will make up a big part of that footwear growth. The Curry One shoes helped UA grow basketball shoe sales by an estimated over 700% in the recent quarter year over year. The Curry Two (pictured on the next slide) will be released in the U.S. on Oct. 24.

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3 – New footwear

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3 – New footwear Running shoes are getting an upgrade as well. The Speedform Slingshot has custom-engineered yarn that is 15 times stronger than steel by weight, but still very elastic and breathable. The Speedform Amp has been engineered to create the most customized fit of any of UA’s shoes yet as it exactly contours to the shape of one’s foot.

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3 – New footwear

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3 – New footwear

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4 – International expansion plans Under Armour gets only about 10% of its revenue from outside of North America, but plans to increase that rapidly over the next few years to 18% by 2018. In 2014, Under Armour developed the brand in the U.K, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and more. Over the next few years Under Armour plans to expand in France, Turkey, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, India, and South America.

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4 – International expansion plans

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5 – Record 2.0

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5 – Record 2.0 Under Armour's Connected Fitness platform of 4 separate apps already has over 150 million users, adding about 100,000 new people each day. The Record 2.0 upgrade includes more holistic monitoring of not only activity and food, but also sleep and mood to track when you perform at your best. In 2016 Under Armour will focus on hardware and tracking, in 2017 on hardware partnerships, and beyond that on connected smart apparel.

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5 – Record 2.0

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