Sport in our life

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Sport in our life Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Do you like sport? Do you prefer going in for sports or watching it on TV? What kinds of sports are popular in Russia? What national English sports do you know? Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Favourite kind of sport in your group Interview your classmates, complete the table and report the results. Model: Dima likes football Ann’s favourite sport is skiing. Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Match the words in English and in Russian. Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is the activity of performing acrobatics during freefall. Skydiving Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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An activity or sport of standing on a short wide board and moving very fast down a hill covered with snow Snowboarding Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Ice diving An extreme sport in which you dive through a hole into a very cold sea that has ice on the top. Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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A sport or activity of moving a rubber boat through water and round rocks in a river that is flowing very fast White Water Rafting Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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SCUBA-DIVING A sport or activity of swimming underwater with a scuba Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Surfing A sport or activity of standing on a long flat board and moving across waves in the sea Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Match the sport and its name wrestling ping-pong fitness training aerobics bowling karate weight training athletics yachting shooting windsurfing tobogganing squash 1 2 4 3 5 7 8 9 11 10 12 13 6 Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Group these activities into indoor and outdoor sports. sailing skating surfing baseball diving bowling tennis handball horse-racing wrestling ice hockey archery volleyball tennis archery Indoor sports bowling tennis wrestling handball volleyball Outdoor sports sailing skating surfing baseball diving horse-racing ice hockey volleyball Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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What sport we CAN… PLAY ? GO ? DO ? aerobics skating football judo ice hockey tennis handball karate gymnastics swimming athletics basketball Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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CHECK YOURSELF PLAY- tennis, football, handball, basketball, ice hockey GO- skating, swimming DO - athletics, gymnastics, judo, aerobics, karate Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Are you for sport or against it? Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Write about the activities you like. Sergey : “I like swimming. I started to learn when I was about seven years old. I think that swimming is something like music or language. That is why very good to start as early as possible if you want to be good at it. I visit swimming pool every week. Swimming helps me to stay in good shape.” Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Home task. Do a project “Popular sports in Great Britain”. Find out and write: What kinds of sports are popular in Great Britain? Describe one of these sports: hame, history, equipment, manner of play, tournaments, and greatest sportsmen. Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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Thank you for attention Абакумова Т.И. МОУ СОШ №5

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