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Ох, уж эти падежи Funky cases. Or some words about The Russian Case System

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Я живу в Москве ( I live in Moscow). Я еду в Москву (I am going to Moscow). Я из Москвы (I come from Moscow). У меня есть кока-кола (I have a Coke). У меня нет кока-колы (I don’t have a Coke). Я пью кока-колу ( I drink a Coke).

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У меня есть шуба( I have a winter coat). У меня нет шубы ( I don’t have a winter coat). Я так люблю свою девушку, что я ей купил очень дорогую шубу. ( I love my girlfriend so much that I bought a very expensive winter coat).

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Exercise 1. Compose the Russian phrases using the words below: 1. Самара (I live in Samara. I am from Samara. I go to Samara.) 2. Водка/ вода (I have some vodka/water. I do not have vodka/water. I drink vodka/water.) 3. Квартира (I have a flat. I do not have a flat. I bought a flat.)

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NOMINATIVE CASE represents the MAIN SUBJECT in the sentence WHO or WHAT plays the MAIN ROLE

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ACCUSATIVE CASE is used to express the DIRECT OBJECT in the sentence WHOM the main subject loves, kisses, hugs or respects, and WHAT the main subject reads , or writes, or sees, or eats etc. WHERE TO the main subject goes, flies, or sails

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DATIVE CASE represents the ADRESSEE WHOM the main subject makes telephone calls, writes love letters, sends SMS, and gives a present. It also represents an INDIRECT OBJECT.

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PREPOSITIONAL CASE which represents PLACE – WHERE the main subject lives, works, speaks etc. It also represents an OBJECT – ABOUT WHAT or WHOM the main subject thinks, speaks, reads or writes.

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INSTRUMENTAL CASE which represents, by definition, an INSTRUMENT BY or WITH WHAT the main subject accomplishes an action. It also denotes a PROFESSION and it is used with many REFLEXIVE VERBS

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GENITIVE CASE often shows POSESSION, NEGATION, and DIRECTION WHERE FROM the main subject goes, flies, or sails. It also denotes NEGATION and POSESSION where in English “OF” is used.

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Exercise 2. Find the main subjects, predicates and direct objects in this sentence. Главный академик Иоффе доказал: коньяк и кофе Вам заменят спорт и профилактика.