“Sport journalistic and modern sport edition in Donetsk”

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“Sport journalistic and modern sport edition in Donetsk” Kate Yakovlenko, journalist, the second-year-student, group "A"

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to probe the history of Donetsk sport journalistic find features of modern sport edition The purpose:

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Actuality of theme: Donetsk is a spot region Donetsk’ sport editions are young Distribution is all territory of our country Donetsk’ press is not probed

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Subject: Object: Donetsk sport mass media history of sport journalistic, mass media: “Спорт-арена”, “Ладья”, “Шахтер”.

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Sporting editions of soviet period: • «Спортивна газета» (1924) • «Радянський спорт» (1934) • «Футбол - Хокей» (May, 1960) • «Футбол» (Україна) (1960)

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Donetsk' newspapers leader which had sporting columns: «Соціалістичний Донбас» «Вечірній Донецьк» «Комсомолець Донбасу»

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Authors: ("Соціалістичний Донбас", May 1957) defender of head editor, own correspondents, judges and arbiters, miners, teachers, leaders of public ogranizaciy, without a signature

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photo:pfl.com.ua Mark Levitsky came to the "Соціалістичний Донбас" in 1957. He wrote near 1500 reports, reviews, interviews. He he conducted more than 500 reportazhey, not taking into account special teleprogramm, for 40 years on TV.

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Sport journalism in Independente Ukraine In 1991 - «Хокей», «Український футбол», «Спорт за кордоном», «Спорт для всіх», «Спорт-Экспресс» в Украине» (as Russian sport newspaper) In 1994 - «Футбол-ревю», In 1995 - «Команда» etc. not in Donetsk

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Donetsk sport editions: 1999 р. «Спорт-ревю» (it is’t existed now)

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2000 – newspaper «Спорт-арена». editor-in-chief: Edyard Kisil'ov "Спорт-арена" now

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It is a first newspaper in Donetsk, that began to spread on all territory of our country Operative 20 special correspondents in the country There is only two journalists with journalistic education 2005 – Roman Smorgevsky took «Золоте перо» (not working now) «The best newspaper-2006» (V Competition «Ukraine is olympic») «The best newspaper in Internet» (sport) (VIII Всеукраїнського конкурсу «Ukraine is olympic»)

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2001 – «Ладья. Шахматы. Шашки. Игры».

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2002 - «ФК Шахтар» (it is’t existed now) In March, 2005 - «Футбол в лицах» (it is’t existed now)

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2007 - «Шахтар» is an official magazine of football club editor-in-chief: Ruslan Marmazov cover of magazine

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There is good system of headings «The best sport edition-2008» (Sporting journalist Associated in Ukraine)

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There are 6 editions in Donetsk. They are «Ладья», «Мир боевых искусств», «Мир единоборств», «Спорт-арена», «Футбол в лицах», «Шахтер». Besides, there is «Ильичевец-спорт» in Donetsk’ region. 2008

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There are only 3 sport editions in Donetsk (without “Ильичевец-спорт”). reason: economic crisis 2009

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Conclusions: 1) have a big thematic spectrum 2) ambitiousness, 3) potential to development Donetsk' sport editions are

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the end thank you for attention