Well Of Course Finals KQA Cricket Quiz 2015

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Well Of Course Finals KQA Cricket Quiz 2015 @soganmageshwar @paap_singer

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What’s in store… Write Brothers – 1 Clockwise (17 questions) Write Brothers – 2 Anti-clockwise (17 questions) List It

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Write Brothers - 1 English cricketers (past and present) showed off their artistic skills for a charity called Cricket United. Their art work was auctioned to raise awareness and funds for Chance to Shine. Identify the cricketers 7 cricketers. 5 points each Identify all 7, get a bonus of 5 points

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Please exchange sheets

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Clockwise Round 17 questions Infinite Bounce. 10 points First 2 incorrect pounces will not be penalized after which incorrect pounces will be -10. No part pounces

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1. Commenting on X’s famous feat a few days after, Yorkshire Post posed this question – “X’s pace?” and answered with the classic “Ten Notts, of course..” Who is X and what achievement are we talking about?

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Hedley Verity, 10 for 10

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2. Nadeem Moosa was a decent left arm spinner who played 29 first class matches from 1983-87. He had modest returns in his career, but was considered a legend of street cricket. This was primarily due to the "finger" grip that he possessed, not unlike the carom ball. The ball was held between a bent middle finger and thumb, with the index finger as loose support. The ball is then flicked out, with the spin imparted from the quick flick out of middle finger and thumb. To nullify the threat of Moosa, an innovation was done which led to something that is now associated with the particular region. This is one of the many stories about the origin of what?

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Tape Ball cricket in Pakistan The idea was that the tape would add another layer to the ball and make it very difficult for Moosa to grip the ball. Tape Ball emerged in Pakistan only after the 1980’s.

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3. The completely forgotten fact is that the bowler had attempted something similar to batsman Aftab Habib, but missed the leg stump in the previous over. The bowler had used the absence of additional screening above the sight screen to help him. Who is the bowler and what am I talking about?

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Chris Read dismissal at Lord’s

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4. David "Dave" _____ had an unremarkable cricket career, playing 3 first class matches taking 0 wickets and scoring a total of 55 runs. An English coach once told Dave _____ that he would never a make Test cricketer. Thirty years later, he was able to nudge the same coach and reply, “You were right, I never made a Test cricketer, I made two!". What was David’s surname? Name his 2 sons.

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Jeff and Martin Crowe

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5. X was a cricket enthusiast (unlike Mr Meiyappan) and was an adequate cricketer at Westminister school. When fielding, he was content to stand apart from the rest, observing events at a distance. Murray Sayle, the only western journalist to interview X in Moscow, found him by waiting outside the foreign post office in the hope that he would stop by to buy a copy of The Times and check county scores. Who is this cricket enthusiast?

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Kim Philby

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6. When X got his first ever call to the national team, they asked him about his formative years and how he learned the game. He said he was given a book and in that there was a sequence of photographs of Bishen Singh Bedi bowling and he studied every photograph and learnt bowling. Identify X and the photographer who has covered over 325 test matches.

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Monty Panesar, Patrick Eagar

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7. Fans in Sri Lanka commenting about the disastrous performance of an umpire. Some may think that it is Virat Kohli calling them after hearing his name. Who?

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8. In 1895, the ________ _____ Cricket Football and Athletic Club pooled their resources with Bluemantle Cricket Club and purchased the _______ Ground on a 99 year lease from the Marquis of Abergavenny. They built a pavilion at significant cost but that was destroyed in 1913 much to the dismay of cricket lovers like AC Doyle. But this ground is remembered for some other type of destruction in the only international game played here. Fill all 3 blanks.

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Tunbridge Wells, Neville Ground

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9. Harry Calder died aged 94 in 1995 having never played first class cricket. He was tracked down in South Africa in 1994 as being the oldest surviving Wisden cricketer of the Year award winner. How was it possible for Calder to win despite never having played first class cricket?

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School cricket During the War, there was no County cricket, but Wisden wanted to continue the tradition of awarding the cricketer of the year. They chose school cricket as it continued to be played despite the war. Calder did not even know that he had won it, until 1994 when he was tracked as the oldest surviving winner of the award

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10. South Africa took on Australia in 2 three match back to back series in 2001-02. Marketed as “The clash of kings”, South Africa were completely obliterated in the 6 tests and were defeated 5-0. The administrators got together and realized the best way forward was to ape their conquerors in the way they prepared their players for international cricket. What was the most important change implemented in South Africa after this series?

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Franchise model South Africa had followed a system similar to India where each province had a team. They had 11 teams in their domestic circuit. After the humiliation at the hands of the Australians, they decided to imitate the Aussies and ended up having a franchise system with only 6 domestic teams

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11. The third test between Pakistan and England in 1977-78 in Karachi, finally broke a sequence of 89 tests. If a misfiring opening batsmen had not been dropped and a leg spinning all-rounder been recalled, this sequence might have continued. However the sequence recommenced immediately in the next test and continued for 11 more tests before completely coming to a stop. What sequence is this?

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Presence of at least one Mohammad brother in the team At least one of the 4 Mohammad brothers had played in every test match for Pakistan. The last test involving a Mohammad brother was in 1979 between Australia and Pakistan at Perth. Mushtaq Mohammad retired shortly after that.

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12. Eddie Paynter achieved cricketing immortality during the 1932 Bodyline series in the series winnings test at Brisbane by scoring 83 after spending the night in the hospital. He was not supposed to be in the squad and was only called in after X suffered from tuberculosis. X had scored a hundred on debut couple of years ago and was considered a certainty for the tour. X later returned to Australia as a government official some 18 years later. Who is X?

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13. The origin of these 2 trophies are similar. A very rich man sent across these 2 trophies on a voyage and told them to give it to the best challenge posed by local against the visitors. The man said - “It would not be fair for you to bring the cup away, as you would rather they keep it; but perhaps you may come to some agreement to play for it some future time, when, if the winners desire to offer it for competition, you could go out and bring it home. "I think, however, the sportsmen out there would like to keep the cup among themselves in recollection of your visit and as a gift from myself.“ Who be the man? <Image next slide>

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Sir Donald Currie South African domestic rugby competition is still called the Currie Cup Cricket sold itself by removing the name and replacing it with sponsors sometime in the 90’s.

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14. A Young Victorian opener had been called up to the first class team. In order to ensure that he reached the railway station on time, he left his home early. He obviously did not have to face the Whitefield traffic and ended up at the station ahead of time. In order to pass time, he purchased something from the cigarette shop in the station. When his teammates turned up, they saw the opener sitting on a bench with ______. Naturally he was given that nickname. Who? What nickname?

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Bill Lawry, Phantom

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15. This structure served initially only as a memorial, but a water fountain was added making it a public utility. It has always been associated with the ground, being installed in 1882. It was moved slightly outside the ground in 1917 and almost immediately its vandalisation started. It was considered beyond repair by the 1960’s. The city council decided to restore it in 2003 and move it to the Parliament, but historians showed photographs of when the monument was inside the ground. On the basis of this evidence, they decided to move the restored structure back to the ground and it is currently only 10m away from its original location. Which ground?

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Basin Reserve, William Wakefield Memorial

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16. He has played many important innings and daddy centuries, but to him his most important innings was a 57 on a cold day in Manchester. Overnight rain had ensured that the green pitch had freshened up making batting difficult. Also the cold and strong winds bothered him. He made it difficult for himself because of a superstition. He did not use X during his first tour, which was a historic win for his side. He did not use X during the first test of the tour which ended in a draw. He decided to continue to do so in Manchester. "Never during the inter-school and even during the inter-varsity matches, some of which were played in the winters. So it was part superstition and partly the fact that I had never batted using X.“ Who rated this 57 as his best innings? What was the superstition that he followed at that time, which did not continue for long?

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Sunil Gavaskar, Wearing a sweater

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17. This guy gets his nickname from something that is conspicously absent in this photo. Who / nickname?

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Bill Frindall, Bearders

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End of Clockwise

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Write Brothers II 10 images +10 for each Bonus of 10 for getting all 10 right

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1. Who in of her earliest club games?

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2. Classic Catch – Who is the bowler?

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3. "I just got a glimpse of a red blur and the speed of the ball actually knocked me off my feet," X wrote about his "fluke of a lifetime" catch in the gully at Lord's in 1956.

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4. Who (on the left) enjoying a beer after helping his team win a domestic ODI title, just before turning 18?

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5. Seen here in full pomp on his best day as a cricketer

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6. Someone playing with make shift equipment in Rome. Who?

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7. In a game between the Army and the RAF at Lord’s in 1944. What is happening?

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8. Who returning on a ship, after being kicked out of a tour?

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9. Identify this player. His long standing record was broken a few days ago.

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10. Could have been a thrilling test. Which venue?

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Please Exchange Sheets

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1. Who in of her earliest club games?

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Charlotte Edwards

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2. Classic Catch – Who is the bowler?

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Dayle Hadlee

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3. "I just got a glimpse of a red blur and the speed of the ball actually knocked me off my feet," X wrote about his "fluke of a lifetime" catch in the gully at Lord's in 1956.

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Richie Benaud

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4. Who (on the left) enjoying a beer after helping his team win a domestic ODI title, just before turning 18?

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David Boon

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5. Seen here in full pomp on his best day as a cricketer

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Duncan Fletcher Scored 69 and took 4 wickets to help Zimbabwe beat Australia in the 1983 World Cup

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6. Someone playing with make shift equipment in Rome. Who?

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Audrey Hepburn This was on the sets of Roman Holiday

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7. In a game between the Army and the RAF at Lord’s in 1944. What is happening?

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Air Raid

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8. Who returning on a ship, after being kicked out of a tour?

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Lala Amarnath

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9. Identify this player. His long standing record was broken a few days ago.

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Gul Mohammed His record for the highest score in a Ranji Trophy final was beaten by Karun Nair

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10. Could have been a thrilling test. Which venue?

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Headingley, Leeds Vandals demanding the release of one George Davis dug up the pitch and poured oil in it. On the final day, Australia needed 225 runs more to win with 7 wickets in hand.

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Anti-Clockwise Round 17 questions Infinite Bounce. 10 points First 2 incorrect pounces will not be penalized after which incorrect pounces will be -10. No part pounces

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1. In 1976 at the MCG, Ian Redpath was caught on long on for 101. Fred Trueman was riskily awoken in the early hours and asked for a comment. He responded in typical fashion "I'm not surprised, the bugger's been playing for twenty years.“ What had just happened?

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Lance Gibbs broke his record

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2. Herbie Collins was an Australian cricketer from 1921 to 1926. He played 19 tests and also captained Australia in that time. What was his profession that in today's time would have ensured he would be no where near a cricket field?

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Bookmaker There is a suspicion that the 1926 Ashes decider was fixed thanks to Herbie Collins. Australia had managed a slender lead and England resumed after a violent thunderstorm. Collins, the captain, used inexperienced Arthur Richardson instead of Arthur Mailey and Grimmett. England ended up scoring 436 and Australia lost by 289 runs.

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3. Australian crowds gave Mike Brearley a bad time on his debut tour. On his second tour in 1979-80, he grew a beard to look tougher and less like the toff figure that Australians enjoyed mocking. The beard however, merely led to cries of "X!". Being called X was not very flattering for Brearley as X came into prominence around the time and was an extremely divisive figure in the world. X?

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4. Trailer of a TV movie called Tangiwai: a love story. Whose love story? Identify the bandaged guy.

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Bob Blair, Bert Sutcliffe

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5. The title of this book comes from Martin Johnson's piece just before the first test in the 1986-87 Ashes in Australia. He wrote: ""There are only three things wrong with this England team. They ___ ____, ____ _____, ____ _____". England, despite being on a run of 8 defeats in 11 tests, turned the tables to win the 1st test by 7 wickets. They promptly wore t-shirts with the same blanks. Johnson admitted that, while it was the right sentiment, he’d applied it to the wrong side.” FITB. England went on to win the Ashes 2-1. Listen to the audio of John Emburey reminiscing about partying with X after the Ashes win. Who?

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Can’t bat, Can’t bowl, Can’t field Elton John

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6. This chap made over 10,000 runs in first class cricket and was set to make his debut against Pakistan in 1988. He missed his debut though, after suffering from debilitating gastro that allegedly came after he made the diabolical decision to ice his warm beer in Quetta. He played his only international game in an ODI on the same tour scoring 32. He was also the recipient of a classic Steve Waugh sledge. Waugh took a few minutes settling at the crease, checking the field and taking his guard when he remarked from the slip cordon, "for Christ sake, its not a test match!". Waugh coolly replied, "Of course it isn't, you're playing". Who?

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Jamie Siddons Coached Bangladesh from 2007 to 2011.

Слайд 134

7. Identify the centurion in this game

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Nolan Clarke Oldest to ever play a world cup game. He scored 159 against MCC in 1973. Made his international debut in 1996

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8. Shortly after the 1983 world cup, West Indies embarked on a tour of India to avenge their loss in the world cup final. They managed to do so comfortably winning both tests and odi series. They visited the Taj Mahal and had their pictures taken. But there was significant delay in the pictures being delivered to them. Clive Lloyd was informed "Sir, there was one white man in all the pictures. I had to cut him out. Hence the delay." Who was the white man?

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Dennis Waight He was their trainer and ensured that the great West Indies team remained fit

Слайд 140

9. The very first U-19 world cup was held in Australia. A number of future international captains such as Naseer Hussain, Inzamam, Brian Lara etc. participated. A team comprising of associate nations was made up for this event. The team included the likes of Tim De Leede (Netherlands), Treveor Penney (Zimbabwe) etc. Only one member of that squad ended up playing test cricket. He even scored a hundred on test debut. His nickname will instantly remind Kannada cinemas fans of an epic line from a superstar’s debut appearance. Identify the test player.

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Слайд 142

Aminul Islam Because there are multiple Aminul Islam, he was known by his nickname Bulbul ?

Слайд 143

10. X excelled in table tennis and basketball at school, but was a constant presence in the Mumbai railway colony games. During one of the weekend ‘grudge’ matches, X played on a matting wicket for the first time. X not used to the higher bounce went forward to a tall bowler and was hit of the face. X lost some front teeth and the top part of the gum. X played for almost 20 years and played with a denture throughout as one more similar mishap would have made things more difficult. Identify X who is known for protruding teeth thanks to dentures.

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Diana Edulji

Слайд 146

11. Billy Williams was a member of the MCC from 1900. He played for 38 First Class games, with 27 games for Middlesex. But his greatest contribution to the field of sports, was his discovery of a cabbage field and the subsequent purchase of the cabbage patch. What did that cabbage patch eventually become?

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Слайд 148

Twickenham Rugby Stadium The rugby stadium for a long time was called Billy Williams Cabbage Patch. This stadium will host the rugby world cup finals in 2015

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12. WRT Australian domestic cricket what connects these following cricketers? Bill Lawry (Victoria) Don Bradman (South Australia) Steve Waugh (NSW) Ricky Ponting (Tasmania) Ian Healy (Queensland) Lawrie Sawle (Western Australia)

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Слайд 151

Best player awards in domestic cricket

Слайд 152

13. Thomas _______ was an English cricketer who played for Derbyshire and MCC between 1877 and 1887. After his FC career got over, he returned to the game as an umpire and even officiated in 2 tests. However, he was said to be the umpire in a non first class game involving X. X, took 7 wickets for 61 runs in that game. Thomas’ presence in this game played an important part in X’s subsequent career. X played 10 FC games, and famously ended up with one wicket, but a very significant one. Identify X and fill in the blank

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Слайд 154

Arthur Conan Doyle, Mycroft Arthur Conan Doyle’s only First Class wicket is W. G. Grace

Слайд 155

14. Jack Cheetham played 24 tests for South Africa and captained in 15 of them. He captained in one of the closest series against England in 1955-56 which England won finally in the 5 test 3-2. He chronicled his experiences in a book titled “_ _______”. It was something that he did 3 times in his career. A much hated Englishmen in India, used the same title “_ _______” for his autobiography. Though he used it 4 times in his career, people suggest that the title meant he had had enough after a battering that he received in Australia towards the end of his playing career. Identify the Englishmen and give the title of their books

Слайд 156

Mike Denness, I declare

Слайд 157

15 Victoria hadn’t won the domestic ODI title in over 15 years. At the start of the 1994-95 tournament, they brought out an innovation which divided their supporters. “Troy Corbett doesn't look too bad, but the sight of Merv Hughes' legs pumping away by the boundary rather uncomfortably brought to mind the window of a butcher's shop.” ~as per a blog on Australian cricket. The embarrassment probably galvanized the team and they won their first ODI title. The innovation was not seen afterwards. What innovation was seen this season which thankfully was brief?

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Слайд 159

Wearing shorts

Слайд 160

16 He was spending time in South Africa for a short time where he was trying to make money in the gold business and also dabbled in stockbroking. He played a game for an English side against a South African side and captained them. Many years later, this game was given test match status making him one of the few people to have captained a country on their debut test. Identify this captain, whose big break came in 1895 and which eventually took him to newer lands where he made a name for himself.

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Charles Aubrey Smith He captained England in the only test that he played. He made his London stage debut in 1895 and moved to Hollywood in the 1920’s.

Слайд 163

17. This chap (X) played 47 tests for Australia, scoring 5 hundreds and 17 fifties and is remembered as a gritty, courageous player. In what he calls his best innings, he actually retired hurt with the with the team's score on 28. Neil Harvey came to bat and was out first ball, hitting a full toss to short mid-on. X came back to bat the next day and was finally dismissed for 89. Who is X? What would have happened if X didn't come out to bat?

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Слайд 165

Colin McDonald Jim Laker wouldn’t have got all 10 in the 2nd innings

Слайд 166

End of Anti-Clockwise

Слайд 167

List It

Слайд 168

List It The Karnataka cricket team has had representatives in each of India’s world cup squad barring 2011. So essentially list all the Karnataka players who have been part of India’s squad at the World Cup. 10 names – 5 points each

Слайд 169

Please exchange sheets

Слайд 170

Brijesh Patel Gundappa Vishwanath Roger Binny Syed Kirmani Javagal Srinath Anil Kumble Venkatesh Prasad Rahul Dravid Robin Uthappa Stuart Binny

Слайд 171

End of Day’s Play

Слайд 172

Tie Breaks

Слайд 173

1. David Boon and Michael Hussey titled their autobiographies “_____ ___ ________ _____” or slight variations of it. They were pall-bearers of a tradition involving “_____ ___ ________ _____”. Give the 4 word title

Слайд 174

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Слайд 175

Under the Southern Cross

Слайд 176

2. His autobiography is titled ______: Through My Eyes. Who?

Слайд 177

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Слайд 178

Слайд 179

3. After Pakistan came into being, organized cricket in Lahore, centred around X league, which took place during the monsoons starting in April and running through till August. It was named after a batsman who played 7 tests for India and migrated to Pakistan after partition. His brother also played for India and his son represented Pakistan twice in the 1950's. X?

Слайд 180

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Слайд 181

Wazir Ali league

Слайд 182

4. This is the album cover of Last Train to Paris by Diddy. Who is the photographer? We know him for writing some superb articles and ranting in videos.

Слайд 183

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Слайд 184

Jarrod Kimber

Слайд 185

List It 14 Indian bowlers have made it to honors board at Lords. Name them

Слайд 186