The Naked CEO’s guide to the Sporting Industry

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The Naked CEO’s guide to the Sporting Industry

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The big sporting organisations English Premier League Major League Baseball Chinese Super League National Rugby League

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Good knowledge and interest of the sport Great communication skills Be able to work under stress Ability to multi task

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What could you be working on? Club operations Administration and Finance Facility operation Sport Management

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How can you get your foot in the door? Volunteer at a sporting organisation Do an internship Work at a major sporting event

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What would you expect to be paid? From your first year in the job to becoming a manger, what would you expect to be paid in the sporting industry?

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A sporting industry insider’s view “I love working in the sporting industry. There seems to be a specific type of person that this type of work attracts and they seem to be very friendly and welcoming - at least that is my experience. I would recommend this industry to anybody,” says Anna Ronald, who is an Assistant Accountant at the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

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