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5 Best Adventure Sports Traveler Must Try in Nepal

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Mountaineering IN NEPAL

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Most tourists throng to the spellbinding destination of Nepal to accomplish their dream of reaching the summit of Mt. Everest. It leads the world when it comes to mountaineering. Every year approx. 500 expeditions trudge up the mighty Himalayas and summit them.

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No worlds to explain when it comes to ascending the pinnacle of the Himalayas. Though everybody cannot climb the tallest peak in the world as it requires more than the normal training. But there are other trekking sites for travelers just want to experience what it like to summit the Mt. Everest. Book Kathmandu holiday adventure tour packages and get the first glimpse of the Himalayan peaks one wants to summit.

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The mountaineering season is briefly divided into four starting from March- April, June - August, September- November and December – February. Climbers had to obtain permission from the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation for 135 peaks and for 18 smaller peak from Nepal Mountaineering Association. For climbing the summit of Everest or any other peak one have to submit all their necessary documents, along with the biographies and route map. Fee has to be deposited and varies according to the altitude of the mountain.

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Bungee Jumping Dive from the tip of clip 500ft with tide suspension on your foot. Experience the adrenaline rush through your body. The sport is tremendously picking up the pace in the Himalayan country. Experience what it likes to jump from the cliff amidst the captivating sceneries. Book Nepal holiday and tour packages and indulge in one of the most extreme sports activity in the world. The adrenaline pumping sport has already ruled the hearts of million extreme sports junkies but is fairly new to Nepal. Sure the sport is going to pick up pace in the already grown up sports industry.

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CANYONING IN NEPAL The sports which was originate in the US has become popular among the avid adventurers. It is the combination of different tricks and skills like sliding, jumping, climbing and abseiling. For this one requires to be extremely fit as it tests all your endurance. Nepal being a mountains country is full of location ideal for canyoning. This form of skills allow you to explore the unexplored trails of steep mountains.

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The Himalayan cliffs will tempt and lure any avid rock climbers. There is no dearth of cliffs that will challenge you and set you riding high on the adrenaline. The steep rocky cliffs and cracks stick your fingers and climb to the pinnacle. If you are a fresher there are plethora of training schools that will assist and teach you. Discover the fun at the same time taste your own sweat. Book Pokhra group tour and family packages to climb your own cliff. ROCK CLIMBING

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MOUNTAIN SIGHTSEEING BY HELICOPTER For people who are restricted by trekking and or do not have enough time they can still enjoy the spellbinding views of the highest peak. People have two options either by helicopter or Airplane.The ride is of four to five hours and will mostly take off from Kathmandu. During your flight you will also land up in Everest base camp and would feel what it takes to just at the foot of the Everest. Search online adventure tour and holiday packages and cherish every moment.

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