Работа над лексикой по теме «Спорт»

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Работа над лексикой по теме «Спорт» I Введение (семантизация) II Повторительные III Подстановочные IV Трансформационные V Упражнения для активизации лексики

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Упражнения для запоминания видов спорта I Divide the words into 3 groups: Individual Team games Pair games II Divide the words into 2 groups: Summer sport Winter sport III Put the words into appropriate column to do to play to go IV In what kinds of sports do we do the following actions?: Throw, jump, run, fight, ride, dive, climb, dance, play in a team…

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Match the words and phrases in 2 columns to get meaningful expressions

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Работа с лексикой по теме «Места для занятий спортом»

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Работа над лексикой по теме «Оборудование для занятий спортом» What do we need for …? We need… for… Rock climbing Ice hockey Basketball Volleyball Tennis Diving Skiing Figure skating

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Read the sentences. Choose and put the appropriate word in each sentence a regime c) skills e) to follow an injury d) a goal f) promising This new job demanded new ______ . All professional sportsmen follow a strict __ . I was going to achieve that _________ . The man has got many ____ in he accident. Antony was a ________ sportsman. You have _____ the instructions of your coaches.