10 Reasons to Worship at Daily Mass

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10 Reasons to Worship at Daily Mass

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Bert Ghezzi has been a leading figure in American Catholic life for more than forty years.

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In his latest book, he reveals the true center of his (and many others’) daily life.

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Any guesses?

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It’s the . . .

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Want to know why?

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Here are ten reasons why Bert Ghezzi believes all Catholics can benefit from worship at daily mass.

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1. Journey with Christ through his life in the Liturgical year.

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2. Learn from the saints as we celebrate their feast days.

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3. Experience forgiveness for venial sins at the opening rites.

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4. Hear the Lord speak to you in the readings and Gospel.

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5. Take away a practical application to your life from the homily.

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6. Renew your decision to give your life to the Lord at the Offertory.

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7. Offer yourself and your family to God at the consecration of the bread and wine.

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8. Enjoy the great privilege of offering with Christ his eternal sacrifice.

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9. Receive the person of Christ at communion.

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10. Participate in the community of those attending daily mass with you.

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Want to give it a try?

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Get Bert’s newest book, The Power of Daily Mass, and begin your commitment to frequent participation in daily mass!

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Find out more: www.avemariapress.com/dailymass