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5 WAYS TO Find Your Life Purpose Gabriela Taylor

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Do What You Love Love What You Do

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Find out what you were really meant to do

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Find what you love and let it kill you -Charles Bukowski

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PERSONALITY Strengths Finder MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) They give insight about why you behave in certain ways and where improvement is required in order to succeed. Once you know what features of your personality are stronger you can allow them to take a more active role in your life

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It allows your mind to remove all the barriers that typically hold you back from pursuing your dreams as it puts you in a relaxed state where it becomes possible to communicate with the subconscious mind Future lives Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

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Evaluate the numbers of your birthday and your name

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Determine which traits are more prevalent in your personality

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Carol Tuttle's Energy Profiles There are 4 elements in the world that govern everything:

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EARTH (CARBON) stands for the bold and striking individual who looks at the world through a critical eye

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FIRE (HYDROGEN) stands for the rich and dynamic person who moves into action immediately

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WATER (OXYGEN) stands for the soft and subtle person who is organized, detailed and makes plans

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AIR (NITROGEN) represents the bright and animated person who dwells in new possibilities and ideas

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ASTROLOGY Your astrology chart is similar to a map which tells you where you need to go to achieve personal growth

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The SUN tells you how to maintain energy

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The MOON tells you about what makes you happy

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The ASCENDANT reveals what personal style will provide you with the most confidence

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VENUS tells you how you'll fall in love

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MARS tells you where you need a little more courage

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Finding Your Life Purpose Should Be Your Top Priority Read More…

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GABRIELA TAYLOR I help entrepreneurs discover and fully live their purpose and business ambitions through powerful one-on-one coaching, consulting and transformational workshops Visit GabrielaTaylor.com GabrielaTaylor Empoweredentrepreneuracademy GabrielaTaylor_ TaylorGabriela GabrielaTaylor