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5 Ways To Incorporate Religion into Your Career

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Become a Member Of The Clergy 1

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Becoming a member of a clergy is one of the most direct and fulfilling ways to incorporate religion into your career.

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Each religion has a unique process for becoming a full clergy member Each church has a different process/salary Some churches expect to see some volunteer work before you become a full time clergy member

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Become a Theology Teacher 2

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Theology: the study of religion.

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By becoming a theology teacher, you’ll be able to: Learn more about the origins of your faith Better understand your faith Continuously advance your career by taking classes at an accredited bible college

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Work For a Religious Organization 3

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Working for a religious organization is ideal for those who would like religion to take a more prominent role in their lives.

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Enhance your resume by volunteering to do the books of a local church group Enables you to put out your resume to local religious churches, hospitals, schools, etc. Opens up the opportunity to land a church related job

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Start Your Own Religion-Based Business 4

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If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then use it to your advantage and start a religious related business.

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Open a religious bookstore Become a distributor of religious supplies (robes, etc.)

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Become A Missionary 5

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If you have skills that could benefit a missionary organization, put those skills to work for people worldwide.

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Help spread messages of faith to those in need A civil engineer, for example, could enhance the infrastructure or water supply in s third world country

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