20 Questions to Ask to Find Your Dream Home

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20 Questions to Ask to Find Your Dream Home

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1 Are you pre-approved for a mortgage? Getting pre-approval from a lending institution will give you confidence and let sellers know you’re serious. You will need to authorize a credit check and compile a list of your income and debt.

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2 What’s your price range? Only looking at homes within your price range can help prevent a broken heart or getting in over your head.

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3 Are you willing to do extra renovation? How much elbow grease and TLC are you willing to pour into your new home? Or are you just looking for move-in ready?

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4 Suburban, urban or rural? Do you envision a little white picket fence and a garden, or your very own small sliver of sunlight in the best building downtown?

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5 What part of the city do you want to live in? If you’re moving for a job, be sure to determine which neighborhood or suburb is best suited to your lifestyle.

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6 Do you want easy access to highways? If you commute or travel frequently for work, quick access to highways and a good airport are probably high on the priority list.

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7 Are there suitable schools nearby? If you have kids or are planning to, be sure to research local options.

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8 How important is the view? Are you willing to sacrifice space for a view of the mountains or beach?

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9 Can you sleep easily with traffic noise? Proximity to traffic, construction noise and emergency response stations may be a big factor in your sleep and sanity.

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10 One-story, two-story, house or condo? If you work from home, a two-story home may help you delineate space more easily, while a cozy condo may suit a couple just fine.

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11 Could you live in a historic home? Historic homes offer extra charm but often bring extra challenges, such as oddly sized windows and old plumbing.

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12 How many bedrooms? Do your children have separate bedrooms or share? You may consider looking at homes with a spare bedroom to grow into.

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13 How many bathrooms? While modern homes with more than one bathroom are the new norm, older homes may have only one bathroom in the house.

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14 Want a guest room? They can also be transformed into offices, home gyms, or craft/hobby spaces.

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15 Hardwood or carpeted floors? If you have pets or allergies, this is an important consideration.

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16 What architecture styles do you like best? Some areas of the country have a more specific aesthetic than others.

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17 Do you need any special features for your pets? A large outdoor area in the backyard or dog park within walking distance may be high on your list.

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18 Do you need wheelchair access or limited stairs? A wheelchair-accessible home or one with limited exterior and interior stairs can make life much easier.

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19 Do you need a space for a car, or is street parking sufficient? If you have more than one car or have guests frequently, a garage or dedicated parking may be a priority.

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20 How important is walkability to you? Being able to walk out your door and have the city’s best offerings at your feet can help you choose the right neighborhood for you.

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Download all 20 questions, plus a simple checklist to help find your dream home: Your Dream Home Checklist

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