7 Things to Consider When Securing Real Estate Data

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59% The percentage of employees who steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired

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In today’s world, the risks associated with inadequate data security is a business critical concern.

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Data leaks pose major security concerns and can have devastating implications.

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Based on our extensive experience in the Real Estate industry we have compiled a list of 7 things you should be thinking of to ensure your data security.

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Physical breaches can take on various forms such as unauthorised individuals gaining access to the physical sever itself; individuals connecting their own devices into the office network; or individuals using an unattended employee workstation to access the company network.

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Understand how your database server reside within the network topology. Is it directly accessible publically; is it isolated from external facing application servers; are communications to/from itself using SSL for data exchange and is a firewall being used to restrict communications.

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In 2014 data breaches increased by over 27.5% from 2013

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Know your server configuration. Is the SQL instance discoverable on the network; are the SQL services using a non-standard port; are unnecessary services disabled; is the SQL administrator account (sa) disabled and which authentication methods are used, Windows, SQL or both.

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Weak passwords can severely compromise your data. Ensure password complexity is configured; be sure to enforce the use of password complexity and within applications, encrypt passwords instead of storing them in plain text.

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75% of people use the same password for multiple accounts

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SQL injection attacks can bring systems to their knees. Ensure absolute minimum privileges are granted to application accounts; restrict inter-application access when sharing a database server; encrypt sensitive data and where possible, parameterize application input values.

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Database backup security is often overlooked, but vital. Ensure local/remote backup locations are adequately secured; use encryption when performing backups and be sure to restrict access to certificates/keys used by encryption processes.

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Known vulnerabilities, if left unresolved can be exploited. Stay current, ensuring critical operating system updates are applied regularly; ensure database server software is regularly updated independently and where feasible enable automatic updates.

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Securing your data requires one to think beyond just the immediate scope of the database server in order to ensure data security continuity.

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The management of data security is a process requiring continual review. After all, can you afford not to ensure the safety of your data?

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