Customer Engagement for Real Estate Broker

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Customer Engagement for Real Estate Broker Manan Choksi Regional Director RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra

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What is customer engagement ?

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Key elements Communicate market information and new development Collect feedback on customer service Generate more revenue through referrals and repeat business Increase retention

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Approach on Customer Engagement Focus on personalized interactions Delight your audience Understanding customers' unique challenges

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Pizza Express – from QR code to iPhone App payment

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Doing survey with your customer

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Doing client party

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Personal Notes

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IOV (Item of value)

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Customer engagement is not: Mass marketing Sales Brand alone Not only Services

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Why it is important for a service provider? It is cheaper to engage an existing customer than find a new customer

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What a broker can do to increase customer engagement?

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Social networking Keep in touch with your clients Join: Facebook Linkedin, Twitter

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Email Marketing (do not over email) asking for feedback on new features Marketing emails customers to generate leads Emails announcing upcoming tradeshows or events or webinars A monthly newsletter A quarterly or semi-annual customer survey Marketing forgets to remove new customers from email blasts Auto-emails from your blog

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Videos (on free video site) Uploading property videos on YouTube Sharing it easily and frequently Get real time feedback and interaction

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Blog By targeting specific content to a specific readership Encourage guest participation by those in related business Simplify Subscriptions Update on Social Media (posting blogs on Facebook, Linked in, Twitter) Actively comment on and writing about other blog posts

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How he can use RE/MAX tools and techniques to increase the engagement of customer? Updating customers about RE/MAX network You, your office or any other office in your city closes a deal Any awards you, your office, your region or RE/MAX international won Updating about customer’s listing Doing knowledge events

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Maintain the home Equipments and materials Seasonal tasks Safe and healthy home Property calendar

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Improve the home Remodel projects Budget & cost Product and brand choices Tax and resell documents

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Manage home risk Home inventory Property documents Proper level of insurance Fire, food and disasters

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Investor Education Inside info for investing in various projects at soft launches Govt city plans and municipal projects Tax updates related to investors Returns you have given to other investors over period of time Special investor services you may provide.

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Conclusion: Keep the conversation on with your customers in a manner that they get valuable information from you. They need to know that you are in business They need to know you are the best professional they know They need to know you care about their business. In short: Keep in touch, Stay in business.

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