Moving Day Checklist Simplify Your Move

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Moving Day Checklist Simplify Your Move

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Moving is a stressful job but with experienced movers you can make the move stress free. Even though movers help you for with a safe move, you must consider a few things during your moving day. In this checklist, you will find a few tasks to simplify your move and make an easy adjustment moving into your new home.

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Check that all your goods are loaded and remain on the premises until loading is complete. After making the complete tour of the house, check and sign the inventory.

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Make sure the water, furnace and air conditioner units are shut off, windows and doors are locked, and the lights are switched off.

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Return all keys to the real estate agent or new owners. Approve and sign the bill of freight. It states that the terms and conditions under which your goods are moved and is also your receipt for the shipment.

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Make sure you have the keys of your new home. And check whether the van operator has the exact destination address. Also, be sure to let the van operator know how you can be reached, including phone numbers.

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Leave a note at your previous residence with your forwarding address. This is a must in case if you have missed informing someone about your move.

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“Good luck with your move!” For more assistance and tips, contact Maxwell South Star Realty. Phone: 403-253-5678 E-mail: southstaradmin@maxwellrealty.ca Website: http://www.maxwellrealty.ca