Benefits of Buying an Older home

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Benefits of Buying an Older home From The Cameron Team in Historic Wilmington, NC

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We’re often asked…Doesn’t an older home have more issues than a home built in the past 10 years?

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Our Answer: Possibly…

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But, like most things that age, older homes are fine if they’ve been maintained.

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Matter-of-fact, there are benefits of buying an older home, like…

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1. A lower Average purchase price than new homes. There are cases where you can buy a newly constructed home for less than re-sales in the same area, but that’s a neighborhood-by-neighborhood situation. Generally, re-sales sell for less than new homes.

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2. An Established Neighborhood Most older homes are located in established neighborhoods, which means the presence of mature landscaping, completed amenities, and a distinct neighborhood “personality”.

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3. A Location near the City Center Cities usually develop from the original commercial district outward. So, many older homes are located close to the city center and its shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

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4. Period Style Architecture Old homes and their neighborhoods have features unique to their building period. Similar details may be included in new construction homes, but you won’t find the whole package unless you pay extra for custom work.

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5. A History In addition to interesting stories that accompany a home, an older property also comes with a history of service that will help you determine if it will fit current and future needs. For example, the reliability of public transportation if it’s going to be your primary mode of transit. Source: StarNewsOnline.com

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AS you see, buying an older home comes with its own perks.

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But to make sure you’re making the best home buying decision for you… Always Get a Home Inspection!

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And Visit Our Website for More Tips on Buying an Older home “Making the Best Decisions When Purchasing an Older Home” www.TheCameronTeam.net