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Welcome to for Estate Agents CLEVER CANVASSING Tricks and tips to help you Get maximum response Generate tons of new valuations Raise brand awareness ...and smash the competition!

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Sam Ashdown Bossy northerner Runs HomeTruths Helps estate agents Get every valuation Win every instruction Sell every property …and be generally brilliant.

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the BEST ideas from the BEST agents all over the WORLD!

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CLEVER CANVASSING What is it? Benefits Market Message Medium Making it work Next steps

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What is it?

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target street/area

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every property

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does canvassing work?

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The benefits

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top of mind

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in hand

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predictable results

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customer persona

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….they are mostly women Remember - You are mostly men…

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helpful and useful

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call to action

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use emotion

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pre-sell the instruction

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pre-sell the instruction

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This is how we try to attract vendors design

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(To be avoided)

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Making it work

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supporting content

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Next steps

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refine and repeat

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Last few thoughts…

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“It’s not about impressing people. It’s not about getting the next job. It’s about contributing something.” Benjamin Zander

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker

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Looking different is just as important as being different

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Don’t take yourself too seriously

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Be bold

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Don’t be crap

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Be humble

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Be courageous

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“Soon is not as good as now” Seth Godin

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Summary What is canvassing? Benefits Market Message Medium Making it work Next steps “Soon is not as good as now” CLEVER CANVASSING

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Four Weeks of Training 12 brilliant ideas 100+ examples Watch when you want Watch as many times as you like Use for team training A Year of Canvassing Ideas!

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How to avoid the recycling bin You’ll discover

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How to make sure your mailing gets opened You’ll discover

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How to create a mailer that is shared You’ll discover

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How to add fun to your marketing You’ll discover

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How to create something so useful it will be kept for months (or years) You’ll discover

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How to make sure your mailings are the very best in the industry You’ll discover

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Only ?97! So how much is it?? 100% money back guarantee That’s only ?8 a month

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to get your copy Or go to bit.ly/clevercanvassing Click the link

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Thank you SO MUCH for your attention! please stay in touch Tel: 015242 72181 Email: sam@home-truths.co.uk Twitter: @thehometruths Web: www.samashdown.co.uk Sam