Tips to Sell Home in Calgary

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Home’s Exterior “First impression is the best impression”. The first thing any buyer would see when they get out of the car is your home’s exterior. Thus, make sure that it is appealing. New siding or stucco is not feasible in all situations. All that you can do is to get rid of bugs, dirt and stains. You can give a water wash to your walls decks, gutters, etc.

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Home’s Interior Mop and vacuum clean the floors perfectly You can make use of a magic eraser to get rid of dirt, stains and scuffs on walls. Do not forget to dust fans and clean all the windows and glass. Wash your curtains as well.

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Bid Adieu to Clutter The clutter inside your home makes it look less spacious and gives an unwelcoming look. Thus, keep minimum furniture in each room that not only makes the room look larger but also enticing.

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Landscaping Makes a Difference Landscaping is not a big deal it certainly makes a difference. Thus, get all the weeds, grass, and bushes cleared. Also, ensure that the trees are not touching the power lines and are not above the roof line.

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At Time When the Buyer Walks In During a showing, turn on all the lights, so that the rooms look brighter. If you have pets, keep them away when the buyer visits your home. If the buyer is accompanied by a REALTOR®, it is better that you leave and allow the REALTOR® to show your house. This is because most of the buyers are not comfortable with the owner being present!

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