Commercial Real Estate Why and How?

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Commercial Real Estate Why and How? Pranav Pandya Franchise Development Manager RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra

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Should You Begin Real Estate as a Commercial Agent?

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A year's income in reserve is a good rule

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If you do have enough in reserve, you should start in Commercial

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Do you have the confidence to work with the commercial client?

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Prospect-to-closing is usually a much longer process in commercial real estate

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Commercial real estate can be quite lucrative if it's your cup of tea

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What are the skills required to be commercial real estate agent and How to grow these skills!

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Referral business and repeat business

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Reward and income

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Geographic Area

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Agent competition

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The 4 Things that Determine Your Success as a Commercial Real Estate Broker

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Your Company

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Your Market

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Your Specialization

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Your Personality

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