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25 Ways To Increase Your Bottom Line By Bryan Fullen

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In office and industrial buildings one can replace the current lighting with T-5 fluorescent lighting. This one trick alone often pays for itself in a year or two. Many cities offer further utility discounts on your bill. This way, bulbs are replaced less frequently. Lower Utilities 1

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Installing T-8 lights and electronic ballast in warehouses that operate continuously can pay for itself in just a few months. 2

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Installing Solar Tube Skylights in common areas Can see a reduction in energy cost by up to 25 percent 3

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Changing out exterior lights to motion sensor lights can lower your energy consumption drastically 4

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Optimize the HVAC controls to match the occupancy times of your building. Turn the temperature way down or up in the vacant space. 5

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Start a recycle program in your office for plastic and paper and reduce your waste hauling needs. Recycling companies often give receptacles to place at buildings and will pick them up regularly for free. 6

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Lower Property Taxes Challenge your properties tax evaluation. There are companies that do this for a percentage of the savings. If you are a small company, go to the assessor’s office. 7

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8 Find out what CAP rate is used and challenge if it doesn’t make sense Especially in a falling market Meet your assessor and see how your buildings are classified

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If you have un-harvested land, it might benefit you to plant a crop on it and get the property an agricultural assessment. 9 Understand how land zoning is assessed

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Lower Maintenance and Cleaning Look at your contracts. If you have been using the same company for a while, get several different quotes for new companies and compare the benefits. 10

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Renegotiate your agreement with all your existing vendors, contractors, management and employees. The current economic climate gives the edge in these relationships 11

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Incorporate wording into janitorial contracts so you don’t pay for the empty spots which are not getting cleaned. There is no need to pay a janitor for a clean and vacant unit. 12

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Make sure you are too high the one telling the cleaning company the square footage Don’t let them quote you cause it will likely be to be cleaned 13

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Reduce costs on cleaning supplies by buying large containers of WD-40 and other multi purpose industrial cleaners. Stop buying expensive single purpose cleaners. WD-40 Alone has over 2000+ uses. 14

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Insurance values should match the risk associated with the insured property. People will often over insure their property because they not only insure the building; they insure the entire property value. This entire property value may include assets that do not need to be insured such as the land. For example, land doesn’t burn in a fire, which makes insuring it for fire unnecessary (of course, crops do so that’s a different story). 15 Cutting Insurance

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Get annual quotes from a several different insurance companies and compare comparable coverage’s. Send them your current policy and see if they can beat it point for point. 16

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Liability Cut Your Cost segregation allows you to accelerate your depreciation schedule and increase your cash flow. Most companies can give you a possible estimate of savings to see if it makes sense to pay for this service 17

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Cost segregation legislature has a “look back” provision which allows you to recalculate depreciation all the way back to 1987. 18

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Increasing Revenue Incorporate bill-back off hours into your leases. Set standard consumption days, times and amounts in your leases with your tenants. Also establish a bill-back rate they are responsible for if they have overages. 19

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Look for additions that make sense. One company added a vending machine with drinks, sandwiches and snacks to their break room This increased their revenue by a several thousand dollars per month. $3,000 a month over 12 months is $36,000 per year. On a 10-cap that is an increased resale value of $360,000. 20

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Take care of the tenants you have. Tenant retention is the most cost effective way to increase your bottom line. 21

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Lower your office expenses Reduce consumption of paper ( Go paperless ) 22

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If you market for tenants think of the 500+ free online sources to get your property filled. 23

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24 If you need visual marketing get two or three large canvas or vinyl banners that can be used over and over 24

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Elect for VoIP calling many VoIP systems can not only save you money but also do much more like: Call screening Auto attendant Music on hold Voicemail to email transcription Find me/follow me call routing Door phone entry buzzer integration 25

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THANK YOU Contact me to find out even more ways to increase your properties profit call or email me today. 206 321 3039 Bryanfullen@kw.com Each office independently owned and operated