Social Media for Real Estate

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Social Media for Real Estate Presenter: Michael Hetzer President/Founder: Lockbox Social Slideshare.com/MichaelHetzer

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Pareto’s Principle: 80-20 Rule What technology fits the rule for 2014? Search? Lead Buying? Social Media? ?? The Next Big Thing: Drones?

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Technology Overload

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The Renaissance Realtor’s first name is always “Steven”

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Steven… Spielberg, because he creates engaging video

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Steven… Jobs, because he is a wiz at technology

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Steven… King, because he is able to crank out blogs, tweets, comments and other engaging, written content on a daily basis.

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Steven… Covey, because you cram 48 hours of productivity into a 24 hour day.

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Now you’re Chuck Yeager? Really?

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Wasn’t technology supposed to make things easier?

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The 80-20 Rule in Action: The Email Challenge Open rate: 10 percent Open rate: 100 percent

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The Email Challenge Open rate: 10 percent Open rate: 100 percent

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The Limits of Technology I wonder how many leads are dying a fast death right now in his CRM…

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Search (Google, Bing) Quality traffic Owned by the portals PPC is expensive

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Portals Are Not Your Friend “Haven’t they done us a favor?” They optimize OUR data (SEO) We pay them for the service For now, yes, but… Price of leads will rise Quality will fall ROI ? 0% Already happened in Mortgage, Insurance, Travel, Education and Auto, to name a few.

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The Obligatory Godfather Slide

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The Good News

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Why Social Fits the 80-20 Rule Networking, 24/7, automated Markets within your sphere of influence Builds brands (Just ask Coca-Cola) Not shifting sand You own it (you’ve gone from lead buyer to lead generator) Sustainable **Oh yeah, and it’s free**

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Social Media IS the marketing plan Sherry Chris President and CEO Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC Speaking at RealTech, Las Vegas 2014

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The Catch The buy-in is not money, it’s content Pictures, video, articles, pithy thoughts, helpful answers, brilliant insights. This stuff is work Who has time for this?

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Pareto’s Principle: Identify the “20%”

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Infrastructure Facebook – Because everyone is there Twitter – Because you are mobile Google+ - Because it’s going to BIG YouTube – Because it’s the #2 search engine Blog (WordPress or Blogger) – Because with it, you can rule all the other sites.

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The Social Media Wagon Wheel

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The Social Media Wagon Wheel Hub: Your Blog Around the rim: Social Media sites Leads flows back to the Blog Everything also flows OUT from the blog

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Step 1: Write your blog post

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Step 2: Share

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That’s it! Now repeat for other sites…

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Remember Your Website? Social media is now a traffic source Blog links back to your website Lead capture CRM IDX feed Static Content goes out, leads come into the blog, and then flow downhill to the website.

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Branding Cover art musts: Slogan Contact information Logo Headshot

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Good Example

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Keep cover images the same Facebook Google+ YouTube Twitter WordPress

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Content 80 percent about “them” 20 percent about “you” Be a Giver Have Fun Share Acknowledge Know the etiquette

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The Wagon Wheel at Work Each new listing is announced in a blog post and shared to all social sites with a link to the listing pages (Time: 5 mins) Each listing gets “dripped” with a twice-monthly post in the blog that is shared to all social sites. (Time 5 mins) Price Reductions, Just Sold, Open House (Time 5 mins) Tweet Open House at Start and Finish (Time: <5 mins)

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Video Tempting to skip… don’t $5 and 5 minutes to do a slideshow video Animoto: www.animoto.com Onvedeo: www.onvedeo.com Post on your YouTube channel Do not remove

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Now You’re Special Social Media listing presentation should include: Blog site All social networks YouTube Channel Website Listing pages for a sample listing (what I can do for you!)

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Michael Hetzer President/Founder Lockbox Social michaelh@webhenmedia.com www.lockboxsocial.com