21 Surprising Tasks For Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Keep an eye on your competitors. You’re too busy to stalk other realtors, so let your VA do that for you and enjoy weekly or monthly reports on what marketing tactics your competitors are using. Create free reports for your potential clients. You VA can research various topics and then get your input on topics like making a home more appealing for buyers, how to buy the perfect home and others that you can transform in free reports that your website visitors could download HR Directors research. Your remote assistant can find the contact details of the HR directors in your town so you could contact them and offer your services for the time when they’ll need to relocate new hires.

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Research all tax and applicable prorations. Your virtual assistant can also research all tax and utility related prorations that you’ll need for the buyer’s agent. Prepare birthday cards for old clients. That way you’ll be able to remind them to recommend your services to their friends and family while thanking them again for allowing you to help them in the first place. Manage your Pinterest account. You could have some boards dedicated to the properties you sold before, the ones that are on the market right now and highly visual tips on how home owners can prepare their house for making it more attractive to potential buyers.

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Find local positive stories. Your VA can keep an eye on the local newspapers and get the contact details of the hero of those stories. You can send a congrats card and your business card saying “Saw the story about you and I just wanted to congratulate you. Great Job!” Handle your online shopping. Your VA can even handle your personal online shopping, so that you’ll have this taken care of and you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your family and friends. Local content. Your remote assistant can research and write content for your blog, Facebook page or website on local events and news. That way you’ll be the first realtor people find when they’re searching online for info about a neighborhood or town.

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Research agents for the seller’s destination. Your VA can find great realtors in the area in which the home sellers are moving. That way you’ll manage to recommend to your clients realtors that are going to help them find another great home. Recruiting new members for your team. Your VA can help you find new members for your team, advertising the positions and reviewing the received resumes so you’ll spend less time on finding the people that will help you grow your business even more. Agent profile creation. Your Virtual assistant can help you generate leads on relevant websites. Just give him your details and he’ll create and manage your agent profile on Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com.

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Networking events. Have your remote assistant find you local networking events for you to attend. You’ll be able to meet new people and increase your sphere of influence that way. Find distressed home owners. People whose homes are targeted for foreclosure feel helpless and don’t think about selling their home. Your virtual assistant could find for you those people in your area so you could reach out and offer your help. Remarketing campaign. If your website has enough traffic, you can have your virtual assistant run a remarketing campaign for your website. You’ll target the people that viewed your listings and attract them back on your website to check out the new ones.

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Research real estate marketing trends. Wouldn’t it be great to receive quarterly real estate marketing reports? Your VA can always keep you in the loop about what’s driving sales for other realtors and where the industry is going. Data entry. Your many Excel files, notes and documents can be all added to a database that your virtual assistant can create and curate so you’ll have all the details of your clients in one easily accessible file. Twitter advanced search. Your virtual assistant can regularly search Twitter for tweets published from your area using keywords that would lead you to a buyer or a seller that could use your services.

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Create a mini-movie. Home owners are saying that they love to see videos of the listings they are interested in. You can use your phone to record the house for a few minutes and then pass on the raw footage to your virtual assistant to edit it and upload it to YouTube. Publish relevant content. Your VA can transform your market data into content for your social media channels, blog or website. It’s a great way to increase your website traffic and reach more people. Follow-up emails. Your virtual assistant can send out for you follow-up emails to home buyers so you could see if they’re happy with the house they bought and to foster your relationship.

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