Myths of Real Estate and Social Marketing

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The average Facebook real estate page has 172 likes.   Only about 10% of fans will ever see the listing that is posted, unless it is a "sponsored post". Social Media posts have very little real reach.

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2. People don't go to Facebook or Twitter to find a home. While 92% of buyers are looking online, they tend to look on real estate specific websites, like Zillow and Trulia, or Realtor.com.

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3. The average Twitter post has a lifespan of 18 minutes*. Without a ReTweet, the lifespan is less. A social media marketing plan is more complicated than "tweeting a listing". (*moz.com)

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4. Over Sharing real estate listings on social media is the sure way to be "unfollowed". Without followers, friends and circles, Social shares go into thin air. A social media strategy is much more about being social.

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A blog or website will seldom be found by online real estate searchers. Without a robust Social Media/SEO (seach engine optimization) strategy, your listing will go virtually unnoticed.

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Paying for sponsored social media posts can be a great way to get your listing in front of potential buyers. Just make sure that is what is really happening.

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Advertising on Social Media sites through sponsored posts must be targeted to likely home buyer demographics and geographic areas to be effective.

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Ask your potential listing agent to explain their marketing strategy. Getting in front of the right people is more important than getting in front of thousands.

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There is So Much to Say About Video Marketing YouTube is the second largest search engine Video shows up on page one of a search So many statistics about video marketing...like this article, And This and This. And this extensive white paper. I could go on about the growth of the "Visual Web"

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Some Quotes From Realtors Who are Doing an Exemplary Job at Social Media Marketing

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