Real Estate 2015

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Real Estate 2015 Where is Real Estate Investing Heading in the New Year?

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Presentation Highlights Predictions of Real Estate Investing Trends Best Real Estate Niches for 2015 Real Estate for the “Future” What you Need to be Aware of as an Investor in this New Real Estate Market Limited Engagement Coaching Opportunity with JV Partnership

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About me Profession: Real Estate Investor and Mentor Developed Several real estate strategies from personal experience Started: REI 1987 Real Estate Broker licensed in Hawaii, Missouri and New York

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Highlights for 2015 in Real Estate Smaller apartments/homes but more amenities Luxury rentals Inventory shrinking and demand growing Chicago -15% of Skilled Labor by the end of 2015 Mortgages will be easier to obtain

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Sellers’ Market Buy and Hold

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Best Investment Strategies for 2015

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The “Don’t Wanters” Legal Paper Legal Paper Collector of Revenue HUD.gov Title Co. or List Svc Haines.com

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Buy and Hold Strategy – 6 Main Reasons

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Buy and Hold Investing Find Property Distressed homeowners Small regional banks Set up Financing Private money through Syndication Equity partnerships Seller financing/Subject To Manage property Collect rental income Improve property for appreciation $150+ per Door CAP Rate 10% or more

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Why do you need Private Money? Buy properties directly at auctions Purchase property with 100% financing Liquid-ready funds can secure bigger discounts Fix and Flip instead of just Wholesaling Equity sharing using OPM Become a hard money lender to other investors Why do you need Private Money?

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Why do you need Private Money? Real Estate Crowdfunding “Move Over, Kickstarter: Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding Is Catching On With Investors” From Forbes Magazine, September 2014

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Real Estate Investing for the “Future”

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Rapid REI Riches

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Rapid REI Riches Bootcamp Module 1 – Week 1 Business Organization and Team Development Real Estate Business Flow Mindset of a Successful Investor – A Strategic Plan Module 2 – Week 2 Building a Qualified Buyers’ List and Exit Strategies How and Where to Locate Distressed Sellers Negotiation Skills and Role Playing Module 3 – Week 3 How to Analyze a Deal and Submit Offers Setting Up Financing – Funding Resources Laura’s Secret Strategy – Sell Any Property in 3 weeks or less

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Rapid REI Riches Bootcamp Module 4 – Week 4 Wholesaling and Virtual Wholesaling Strategies Buy & Hold – The Complete Plan Fix & Flip using OPM Laura’s Decision Process Cheat Sheet ** Module 5 – Bonus Week 5 How to Locate "Money Partners“ The "Easy" 5 Step Process Establishing Trust and Credibility What Investors Expect and How to Service Them Best Practices and Final Considerations Personalized Action Plan!

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Investor Support 12 Months Email Support 12 Months One on One Coaching Calls 12 Months of Online Training Site, with Access to Forms, Resources, Step-by-Step Tutorials (see Contract) Weekly Accountability Follow Up Members Only Mastermind Meetings & Forum

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Funding Partners Available only to participants in program Asset Based Lending “Soft” and “Hard” Money Lenders Partners 100% Funding on Wholesaling up to 1 year 60-80% Funding on Rehabs up to 2 years No Credit or Income Verification

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Coaching Tutorials

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Resources Real Estate Forms Advertising Scripts Real Estate Financing (Financing Placement) Hard Money Lenders, Proof of Funds Letters and Transactional Funding Real Estate Calculators and Tools Real Estate Professionals Real Estate Marketing Strategies Website Templates Grants Directory REO Banks Directory … and much more

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Total Real Estate Investing Very Limited Offer! and

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Joint Venture Partnership Very Limited Offer! What is included in the Program:   Personalized Action Plan  One on One Calls as needed Monday through Friday   Unlimited eMails  Accountability & Follow Up   Extensive Training Coaching Site  Closed Elite Facebook Group Bootcamp (Online)   TeleClasses and TeleConference Calls  Mastermind Sessions with Elite Students Only   Encouragement and Personal Opinion $4,997

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Total Real Estate Investing 4 Modules - 1 ? hours each Presented LIVE via Online Classroom and Recorded for your Convenience Regular Price $1,997 >> Today Special Price << $1,497 Payment Plan Available Cash Price $1,297

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** Wholesaling Software**

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How to Locate "Money Partners" Presentation Process - Making it a "Win-Win" Proposal How to Buy Properties at Auctions Preparing Acquisition Proposals and Paperwork The "Easy" 5 Step Process Establishing Trust and Credibility What Investors Expect and How to Service Them Best Practices and Final Considerations How to Raise Private Money Beginners Edition (Value $497)

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… recap – Total Real Estate Investing Today Only $1,497 How to Raise Private Money Beginners Edition (Value $497) Bonuses – Today Only