Prior to Your Pitch - 4 Things to Consider Before Presenting Your #Startup to Investors

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prior to the Pitch Four things to consider before presenting your startup to investors

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So, you got a BIG pitch coming up, do you?

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Let us help you prepare for it by sharing these 4tips:

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noun. an argument or other persuasion used in selling. A pitch consists of four main parts.

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Three of which you can control. The 4th one not so much.

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Let’s start by focusing on you.

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what is your Attire projecting?

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formal OR cool & casual

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what is their first impression when meeting you?

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laid back OR professional

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part-time hobby OR no turning back

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“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” - Guy Kawasaki

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Now about your idea

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niche market OR global domination

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Remember that: “Everyone is not your customer.” - Seth Godin

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$5M $4M how fast can you $3M Scale $2M your business? $1M $0

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slow and steady OR fast and furious

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what lasting Impact will you make?

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that was entertaining OR a game changer

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Now, let’s tackle your slidedeck.

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how is your content currently laid out?

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confusing OR concise

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how is your design looking?

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boring OR bold

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how is your Delivery of the pitch?

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monotone OR enthusiastic

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“your presentation can make or break your business.” - Cory Jim

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Last, but not least, your audience. Which you can’t 100% control (unless, of course, it is your event).

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who… could they be? was invited? are the angels? can help you? might you meet? is in charge? has your money?

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closed off OR open and eager

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who could be the hecklers in the room? uck! ou s y Boo!

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complainers OR supporters

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what type of investors could they possibly be?

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friends and family OR big venture funds

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Recap: + idea + deck +audience You as a person and it’s potential clean & concise energy & engagement

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Remember: “ investors don’t need you. You need them.” - Yancey Unequivocally

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Good luck!

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