21 Tips for Creating a Boring Presentation

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START BY DISQUALIFYING YOURSELF Eg: “I’m not exactly an expert on this subject” “I hope you don’t find my presentation boring”

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MAKE A LONG INTRODUCTION Don’t be afraid to dedicate 10-15 minutes of your Presentation to the introduction before your move on to your topic.

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READ FROM YOUR SLIDES Turn your back to audience and read from the slides. It might make your job as a presenter easier.

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AVOID HUMOR LIKE SWINE FLU There really is nothing worse for your audience than making them laugh. They’re there to be subjected to a painful experience, so give them one

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AVOID THE USE OF VISUALS Visual aids are perfect for turning even the dullest of topics with tons of statistics into an interesting presentation SO DO NOT USE VISUALS

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MAKE THINGS COMPLICATED Move from one point to the next in an illogical manner, never come to an overall conclusion

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DO NOT BREAK THE ICE NEVER Crack jokes, Tug on their heart strings, tell a personal story, Use metaphors or draw comparisons

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ANIMATE ANIMATE ANIMATE Every slide, title, word, bullet point, graphic, and photo needs its own unique animation. Why do you think PowerPoint gives you so many animation options?

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USE EXTRAVAGANT FONTS Use swirly and extravagant fonts, as those will really get your point across.

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KILL YOUR AUDIENCE WITH BULLETS Make every slide look the same (i.e. Title, Bullets; Title, Bullets).

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USE GRAPHS WITH TONS OF DATA Design data-centric slides Do not conclude! Let with numerous graphs your audience draw and tons of data their own conclusions

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USE TINY HARD TO READ FONTS Because your audience will most likely be viewing your presentation from a distance

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SPEAK ONLY IN MONOTONE Varying the pitch of your voice wastes valuable energy and could possibly excite your audience

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REPEAT It's important that your audience understands exactly where you're coming from, so tell them. Over and over and over

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NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT This is a great way to let your audience feel disconnected from you

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IGNORE YOUR BODY LANGUAGE Moving around the stage confidently and gesticulating will only keep your audience engaged in what you’re saying, and that’s the LAST thing you want to do.

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DON’T PRACTICE Once all the texts are placed on the slides, there is no need to prepare for your presentation

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IGNORE YOUR AUDIENCE After all, they are the reason why you had a sleepless night and now you’re so nervous.

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TALK TOO FAST You've got a lot of material to cover, so you can talk fast to get through all of it

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DON’T FINISH ON TIME A little overtime never killed anybody If You feel you don't have sufficient time to communicate your important information, you can request extra time to communicate it

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