If You Suck at Speaking, Learn these 5 Ps for Powerful Vocal Delivery

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Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) is one of the most versatile rock singers ever ! Public presenters can learn a lot from how he uses his extraordinarily flexible vocal range.

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1 Pace

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1 Pace Vary your speed; slow and fast; create dynamics

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2 pause

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2 pause Use silence to build tension/suspense, to emphasize your point and to give audience a break

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3 pitch

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3 pitch Use voice Inflection; rising and falling tones; to break the monotony

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4 pronunciation

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4 pronunciation Don’t mutter, mumble, slur; mispronunciation is a verbal tick for many’s ears

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5 punch

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5 punch Punch out the key words, key phrases of your sentences

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Practice the 5Ps for powerful vocal delivery, listen to Faith No More and ace your presentation. Pic Source: Internet

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