9 Awesome Ways to End Your Speech with a Bang

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Instead of firing off a perfunctory launching fireworks of final passionate thoughts from the podium. leave them laughing, the speaker

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1 REFER BACK TO YOUR OPENING: Open up with a story, quote, metaphor, or powerful statement, and close the speech by referring back to that opening.

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2 GIVE YOUR AUDIENCE A CHALLENGE: Example: During Election season, the candidates often close their speeches by challenging their audiences to get off their butts, vote, and make their voices heard.

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3 INVITE YOUR AUDIENCE Rather like the challenge, you invite your audience to undertake something with time to do it and together we

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4 USE A QUOTE Example: An inspiring speech on importance of non-violence could end with the quote: eye for an eye will only make the whole world -Mahatma Gandhi-

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5 THE REPETITIVE CLOSE Find a phrase and structure it in a repetitive format that strikes the cadence of a drummer, building to a climax like this: And so what we have been saying is that life is an adventure, dare it. A duty, perform it. An opportunity, take it. A journey, complete it. A promise, fulfill it. A puzzle, solve it. A

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6 THE SUGGESTIVE CLOSE Example: Before I take questions, let me conclude with this point.

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7 SING SONG CLOSE Lets say your phrase is: Can W You repeat that phrase over and over again. Then just before your close, you say: of you are driven. I know that none of us can do this alone, but (pause) Together (pause) we can (pause until the audience responds.)

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8 ANECDOTE People love stories and messages coming through stories do have high retention rates. Whenever possible, personalize the anecdotes.

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9 CALL TO ACTION A persuasive talk usually ends with a call to action. The speaker may try to persuade the audience to take a specific action. Example: A speech about protecting forests may end with requesting the audience to plant at least one tree in the weekend.

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Having no conclusion and whimpering out on a weak "That's all" type of line

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Not timing the speech and running out of it before giving your prepared conclusion

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Ending with an apology undermining your credibility "Sorry for going on so long. I know it can be a bit boring listening to someone like me."

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Adding new material just as you finish which confuses your audience. That belonged in the body of your speech.

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Making the ending too long in comparison to the rest of your speech

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Using a different style or tone that doesn't fit with what went before it

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Ending abruptly without preparing the audience for the conclusion. You need a transition or bridge to have them follow you comfortably.

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