Create Presentations Clients Want

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Create Presentations Your Clients Want Geoff McDonald

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What are you strengths?

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Most experts lead with their expertise…

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If you are a marketer…

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Expertise meets Value

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How you create & deliver value for your customers Business Model Definition

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What value do your customers want? Value Proposition Definition

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You Provide They Want

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Expertise meets Value

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Correlation is not Cause

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Undesirable, Risks, Obstacles

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Required, Expected, Desired, Unexpected

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What Jobs? Plan a public conference for upto 100 people

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Specific Job: How will you select your speakers?

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Physical, Intangible, Digital, Financial

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Eliminate, Reduce, Avoid

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Save, Grow, Achieve, Overcome

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How will you position yourself to speak?

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Individual Example GeoffMcDonald.com/blog

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More? GeoffMcDonald.com/blog

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Expertise meets Value

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Create Presentations Your Clients Want Geoff McDonald

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