Build a Better Entrepreneur Pitch Deck

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build a better PITCH DECK

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disclaimer: this slide deck is intended to provide best practices for pitching your business as entrepreneurs. these tactics are an aggregate of feedback from local investors and business leaders, as well as research from leading online entrepreneurial sources. it does not reflect specific requirements of the arizona commerce authority’s innovation challenge grant competition. a small note of thanks to the arizona entrepreneurs and start-up supporters whose pictures are included on these slides.

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elevator PITCH noah kagan, founder, okdork

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THINGS TO COVER business name what you do, not who you are current traction key presentation takeaways

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the PROBLEM eric miller, principal, padt inc.

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THINGS TO COVER describe your ideal customer problem validation data personalize the problem quantify where appropriate

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your SOLUTION alisa lyons, co-founder, sloan-lyons public affairs

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THINGS TO COVER overview of product or service your value proposition & key benefits identify any intellectual property demonstrate customer willingness to pay avoid technical specifications include imagery where appropriate

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business MODEL liesl harder kielp, founder, aguasac

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THINGS TO COVER how does the company make money pricing & revenue model cost structure three-to-five year financial pro forma what is your exit strategy

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the MARKET hart shafer, founder, theraspecs

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THINGS TO COVER overall market size tiered breakdown of market penetration demonstrate credible market research opportunities for expansion graphs & charts are a plus

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your STRATEGY kirk johnson, founder, sounds academy

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THINGS TO COVER go-to-market strategy how you will reach your customers marketing channels address market risk include any customer traction to date

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the COMPETITION scott mcintosh, co-founder, mac6

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THINGS TO COVER top three to five competitors similarities & key differences your competitive advantage charts & visuals make it simple

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the TEAM jill hamblen and marlene seitz, triarc architecture

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THINGS TO COVER list the company leadership include cumulative skills & experience your advisory board your plan to address any skills gaps what makes you the right team?

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your ASK

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THINGS TO COVER any funding (equity or other) you are seeking allocation strategy for capital additional needs from the audience summarize key points include contact information

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final DETAILS charlie popeck, co-founder, green ideas

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THINGS TO COVER powerful visuals leave a lasting impression be consistent – themes, fonts, colors avoid stock templates & animations include logo, website, & social media info

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MORE RESOURCES Free pitch deck templates: •  http://nextviewventures.com/blog/free-startup-pitch-decks-template/ •  https://www.crowdfunder.com/resources/templates/Investor%20Pitch%20Deck %20Template.ppt •  http://reidhoffman.org/linkedin-pitch-to-greylock/ Additional pitch tips: •  http://www.entrepreneurship.org/emed/ten-tips-for-making-a-good-pitch-toinvestors.aspx •  http://thenextweb.com/entrepreneur/2011/10/29/dave-mcclures-10-tips-for-theperfect-investment-pitch/

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