Humanizing Designs: Leverage the Power of Presentations for Small Businesses

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Humanizing Designs: Leverage the Power of Presentations for Small Businesses

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Do you find data boring and exhaustive? So does your audience

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However, do you get bored when someone is visually explaining you the same data?

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It is easy to pay attention and understand visually presented content, instead of plain text

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People remember 80% of what they see and do

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Big B’s in the market like CocaCola, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple also use visual media techniques to attract customers

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So, what exactly needs to be done for making your visual content powerful?

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Well, click here to learn the Visual Content Marketing Strategy for SMBs

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Meanwhile, this Slideshare is focused on creating powerful presentations for small businesses, through which they can get the desired response from audience

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How to do that? Never follow anyone…

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There will be millions of presentations available online on the topic you are working on

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Don’t cheat, but read as much as you can

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Find out the aspect that is not discussed before and people are asking about it. Talk about that!

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People like to read NEW stuff which is relatable.

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A perfect photograph is the one that tells a tale and connects to audience at some level - Everybody connect to pictures at different levels

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Do the same thing with your content - Keep the ends open for users to connect the dots

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Ask questions to engage audience for a little exercise that will keep their minds focused and active

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Use powerful visuals that says it all. People hate when they’re dictated something. Let them figure out on their own

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Try to relate factual data with theory and, if possible, personal experiences and case studies

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Your presentation should be a tutor, facilitator, and presenter on its own

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Use visualization technique. That means you present content in a story form which is open to multiple interpretations. In short add an artistic touch

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The most important point is incorporating emotions. There should be reflective pauses in your presentation where your clients could think, imagine, smile, laugh, fear, and feel sad

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One way to do that is by talking through your color, font, and shape choices

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Second way is to have a conversation with your audience, instead of just throwing numbers at them

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Third way is to incorporate deep and insightful visuals

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Fourth way is by making it abstract

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Whereas, the fifth way is making your design humanistic

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Resources or online tools that can help in creating creative visuals and presentations Slideshare Canva eMaze Prezi

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If not, then simply HIRE A DESIGNER

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