7 Must-Haves for an Investor Pitch Deck

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7 Must-Haves for an Investor Pitch Deck Quick Wins

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Raising money for your business requires the presentation of a lifetime. Before you take those first meetings, make sure your pitch deck is fully equipped with these seven essentials. These tips can be applied to any investor presentation, whether you’re pitching it to family and friends or venture capitalists.

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01. A Perfect Elevator Pitch Make sure you’re able to give a clear and concise explanation of your company’s product or service in 10 seconds or less. The more direct you are about what your company does and why it’s important, the more confidence investors will have in your overall pitch.

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02. Market Research Do your research and create a solid outline for where your company fits among existing products or services. Prove that there’s room for growth in that market, and make sure you’re familiar with your competition.

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03. Your Business Model Break out the calculator. Be ready to discuss in detail how you make money. It’s best to have proven numbers to show potential investors, such as revenue, cost of goods sold, pricing, your sales and distribution model, and your customer pipeline.

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04. Financial Growth Plan You want your company to grow, but that often comes at a price. It’s important to know not just how much money you need to expand now, but how much you will need to continue growing. For example, include forecasts for how you’ll scale operationally and financially, customer acquisition costs and how you’ll remain competitive.

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05. The Ask Let investors know how you plan to use their investment. For example, if you determine from your financial forecast that you need $50,000, tell them what it’s for: equipment and inventory. Explaining the reasoning behind your ask will prove that your valuation is well thought out and that you have a solid plan to take your business to the next stage of growth.

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06. Your Team Whether your company is made up of first-time entrepreneurs or well-seasoned professionals, make sure to present the faces and knowledge behind your business. This will give investors a humanistic element to connect with and further their confidence in your vision.

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07. Enthusiasm Beyond all the numbers and research, remember to prove that you have a true passion for your business. Whether you include a slide with the story behind your business or ensure that your verbal pitch has short anecdotes that show your enthusiasm, make sure to clearly convey passion in your presentation.

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Quick Wins Advice Action Inspiration You know your business better If you plan on receiving funding “Most giving is 80% emotion than anyone, so make sure this from investors, it’s never too and 20% rational. And the comes through when you’re early to start planning and best way to get to someone’s creating and presenting your organizing your company’s emotions is to tell a story” pitch deck. Confidence is often pitch deck. Regardless of —Unknown the unspoken key to a pitch’s which stage your business is success. in, make sure you’re keeping track of any information that might be applicable to your deck down the line.

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