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“I have a lot of information to cover, so let me get started.”

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This statement is the kiss of death to your audience. When we hear this as your audience, we are already expecting to be bored.

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“I’ll keep it short”

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This is a promise nobody ever keeps. The audience really doesn’t care if you keep it short or not. They’ve invested their time and just want to be informed and inspired.

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“Hello? Can everyone hear me?”

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Never assume that all your equipment will work correctly. Arrive early to check everything out so you will be better prepared.

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“Well, I didn’t have much time to prepare.”

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Because they’ll tune you out; they’ll think you have nothing important to say.

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I’m Very Nervous Today” “Sorry,

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We’ve all seen speakers who keep pushing the hair out of their eyes or behind their ears, or others who repeatedly push their glasses up farther on their nose.

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Avoid filler words including “Um,” “uh,” “you know,” and “like.” They are distracting and make you sound unsure about what you’re going to say next. 

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“In the future, I plan to…”

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If your new product is still in production, try not to tell anyone. Make a public announcement about your new designs, products and offers when they’re ready.

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“Hmm, the font is small.  Let me read this slide for you.”

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A visual presentation full of words is dull and boring. Try not to read your slides to the audience. That’s what handouts are for.

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“I’ll get back to that later”

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If you happen to stumble upon an audience that is eager to learn and interact you should always grab that chance and enjoy it.

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“I Guess That’s It”

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your final point (and the entire presentation) should make it obvious enough, and you should be able to transition instantly into the next step

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“What, I’m out of time? But I have 23 more slides!”

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If you come unprepared and need more time than you are allowed; you’ve screwed up. You need to practice your presentation and make it fit within the allotted time-slot.

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Don’t get sucked in by irrelevant questions.

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Sometimes questions seem to come out of nowhere, unrelated to the subject. Be courteous and polite in answering someone who asks such a question.