How to Present - Some tips

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How to Present - Some tips Vikram Uday Kulkarni

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Disclaimer I am not a great presenter, but I have made many mistakes. This is a summary to avoid those mistakes. Some handy references from Presentation heroes, I follow.

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Some ideas Great Opening Time to Bore Respect your audience Present Action Points Guide audience

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Some ideas to Avoid Do Not Read your slides Show Content not Animations Make Presentable Contents Colors & Contrast

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5 Steps for Effective Presentation

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1 - Give a confident introduction Do not show your nervousness. Stand still. Don’t move, Don’t get anxious. Do not offer Reasons.

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2 – Give your Credentials Not just your degrees or experience Who you are Why you are the best person to talk there What you are offering

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3 – Deliver Your Core Point What is the USP This is the answer to WHY this presentation

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4 – Introduce Your Agenda To highlight Takeaways from your presentation

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5 – Give a credible statement Relevant compelling data Creating Interest

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Guy Kawasaki’s 10 - 20 – 30 Rule 10 – Slides To be presented in 20 – Minutes With minimum 30 – Point Font

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