Public Speaking

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Public Speaking Vishal Dhona vishal@dhona.com +91 9836555823 Making things easier and a lot more practical

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What is Public Speaking? As the name suggests :p DO you people agree?

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Simple, yet Difficult

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The Phobia A fear most common: next to death ; The underlying feelings: -Stage fright -lack in confidence -spotlight -what people will comment - unprepared “Knowing answer of all questions is no big deal, big deal lies when you are ready to face the questions inspite of knowing that you do not know all the answers!!”

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Is it to late? Myths: Its too late now to go and learn the basics It should have been taught to us in our school days STOP giving EXCUSES and work for a better future “its never late to start fresh”

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WHO needs to SPEAK in PUBLIC? Politicians? Entrepreneur? Teachers? Nope not only politician or entrepreneur or teachers!! We all do public speaking at different levels, points & time: After all: Public Speaking is a Public Affair…

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Relevance to Professionals Why? Its not only about speaking in front of public at large Presentation in front of Share Holders, board meetings, annual general meeting Conduct field research Business Communication Speaking in front of strangers, or during first meeting “Remember, people who are your friends today earlier they were also unknown to you.”

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Handy Tips Just Relax: Aal iz Well!! Don’t be nervous: If you are, don’t show! Don’t be afraid of anyone’s comment: Shed off “Log kya kahenge?” fear… Eye Contact with the audience Good Body Language Prepare, Practice, Present Material facts, supported with reasoning Visualize yourself while speaking People want you to be interesting, ask the participants to participate

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Don’ts Do not read directly from screen, notes etc. (Though u may cheat from mini xerox ) ;) Do not talk too fast or to slow Turn back on audience and it shall on you. Slouch, hands in pockets No nervous gestures, um, ah, you knows

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Ten Successful Tips “Be a GURU” Come early & Know the place It’s easier to speak to friends than to strangers hence talk & greet to the audience before hand Preparing your content nicely shall lead to confidence and not to nervousness Close your eyes take deep breaths and have water to relax yourself Visualize giving your speech from start to finish. The audience wants you to do well Don’t let them know your nervousness, or else you’ll only be calling the audience’s attention to mistakes Concentrate and Focus on the message you are trying to convey Turn nervousness into positive energy and enthusiasm Gain experience to build confidence, which shall lead to effective public speaking

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Before the Presentation

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After the Presentation!!