Learn to Be Persuasive

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Irena Zatloukalova, spokesperson at Seznam.cz 8th June 2104 Learn to Be Persuasive

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Who am I? @izatlouk

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How to Build a Good Story

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Practise Story Telling @izatlouk

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Always Start with WHY @izatlouk

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Do Not Make Listeners Think @izatlouk

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Keep It Simple @izatlouk

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Create Sound Bites @izatlouk

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Oppose Your Own Project @izatlouk

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How to Build a Persuasive Argument?

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Name @izatlouk Tell everyone what your project is about in a memorable way – use sound bite for that…

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Explain @izatlouk What does the sound bite mean? Do not forget to start with why, keep it simple and tie it to emotions! (Do not talk about how great you are, but what the solution will bring to the listener and his audience, so he/she can picture it) Quit UX newspeak! Use words your grandma understands.

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Give Evidence @izatlouk Support your explanation by examples, analogies, logical sequences, i.e. evidence that shows your solution is the best one. These examples do not make listeners think and help them accept your solution to the problem.

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Conclude! @izatlouk Do not forget to tell the listener where does all that you have just said lead to and why is your solution the best one.

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Education is what remains after you forgot everything

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What Are You Waiting for? @izatlouk

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How to Prepare for Your Presentation?

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3 Words @izatlouk Which 3 words describe your project the best? What are the 3 most important things on your project?

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Create a Sound Bite = Name @izatlouk Put these 3 words into one sentence that describes your project the best. Make the sentence specific, memorable and thus unique!

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Practise Presentation: Name? Explain? Evidence? Conclude?

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Oppose Your Own Project @izatlouk

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Knowing the Flaws of Your Project, How Will You Change Your Presentation? @izatlouk

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Irena Zatloukalova Irena.Zatloukalova@firma.seznam.cz mobile: +420 720 365 64 Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / my blog: @izatlouk Practise argumentation as often as you can and please, let me know if these tips worked for you!

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