Who would be your audience for your media product?

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Who would be your audience for your media product?

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Middle aged men We decided that men that enjoy typical thriller movies would benefit and enjoy watching our thriller opening. However, because men enjoy watching thrillers, men are always seen as the stereotypical hero and saves the day, therefore men would benefit from our thriller opening as the men are the kidnappers and therefore maintain their hegemony.

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Teenagers We also decided that young teenagers would benefit from watching our thriller opening as the four characters in our thriller opening are young teenage boys. This then gives young teenagers the chance to relate to the characters whether they are boys and girls.

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Young adults Our media thriller opening is full of action, adventure as well as suspense and we feel that from research we have done that young adults do tend to enjoy watching films that contain them elements.

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People that our opening may not appeal too: Younger views may not watch our thriller opening as it may be to fast and to much of a thrill for the young viewers to understand. It will then not interest them as they may not understand the use of our camera work and typical thriller conventions such as the cliff hangers etc. As they may not have and understanding of what they are and why they are being used. Our film may not apply to the older generation as they may find it too violent or fast paced for them. Also as young teenagers are seen as violent, rude and disrespectful the older generation may think badly of our characters as they are all young teenage boys.