CITIS – VNTIC Moscow, Russia

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CITIS – VNTIC Moscow, Russia THE GREY SYSTEM FOR MONITORING SELF-FUNDED RESEARCH A.V. Starovoitov, A.M. Bastrykin, Yu.M. Bogdanov, L.P. Pavlov

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INNOVATION ECONOMY AND KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY: 34 CRITICAL TECHNOLOGIES: bioinformation software design hydrogen energy distributed computing nuclear energy and fuel cell technologies atmo- and hydrosphere monitoring refuse utilization etc. ADEQUATE FUNDING OF R&D PROPER DISTRIBUTION OF FINANCIAL MEANS JOINT INTERMINISTERIAL COMMISSION for priority directions in science and critical technologies Approved by President of the Russian Federation On May 21, 2006 8 PRIORITY DIRECTIONS: bio-systems energy and energy saving information and telecommunication systems nano-systems and materials etc.

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SELF-FUNDED RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS Federal Agency on Science and Innovations ANNUAL SUMMARY REPORT on self-funded R&D to JOINT INTERMINISTERIAL COMMISSION for priority directions in science and critical technologies Government Decision of November 4, 2006 No. 645 COMMERCIAL STATE-OWNED ORGANIZATIONS Federal State Unitary Enterprises Open Joint-Stock Companies with the state share-holding Annual Financial Reports + information on self-funded R&D projects

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FORM OF FINANCIAL REPORT ANNEX FOR SELF-FUNDED R&D INFORMATION Приложение № 4 Annex N 4 к порядку отчетности руководителей федеральных государственных унитарных предприятий и представителей интересов Российской Федерации в органах управления открытых акционерных обществ Civil purpose self-funded scientific R&D projects Научные исследования и разработки гражданского назначения, финансируемые за счет собственных средств федерального государственного унитарного предприятия organization name _________________ за _______год year

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FORM OF FINANCIAL REPORT ANNEX FOR SELF-FUNDED R&D INFORMATION (Annex N 4 Form continued) Руководитель организации Head of the organization ______________ _________________ ___________________ (дата) (подпись) (ФИО Data Signature Name Форма представляется в печатном и электронном виде в формате Microsoft Word The filled-in form is to be submitted both in printed and in digital kind (Microsoft Word)

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ANNUAL SUMMARY REPORT CONTENTS (OUTPUT OF THE SYSTEM) table of government bodies showing the amount of their dependent enterprises and companies submitted the self-funded R&D information distribution of organizations' financial means for self-funded R&D by the federal government bodies self-funded R&D financing by priority directions and critical technologies the enterprises and companies spent more than 50 million roubles on self-funded R&D comparative tables of data for the reported and previous years generalized data and its analysis conclusions and recommendations THE REPORT INFORMATION ALLOWS: to monitor the situation in the sphere of self-funded R&D all over Russia to update the lists of priority directions and critical technologies to improve the distribution of financial means for scientific R&D both federal budgeted and self-funded to reduce the unjustified duplication of R&D projects.

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SELF-FUNDED R&D BY PRIORITY DIRECTIONS OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT Доля собственных средств ФГУП и ОАО, вложенных в реализацию приоритетных направлений развития науки, технологий и техники