Invoice Verification

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Invoice Verification SAP Best Practices for Retail (RU)

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Purpose, Benefits, and Key Process Steps Purpose The Logistic Invoice Verification is a part of Material Management (MM). Logistic Invoice Verification is closely connected with the SAP components Finance (FI) and Controlling (CO). It provides the information for payment or evaluation of invoices to these components. All functions of normal invoice verification are available in logistic invoice verification. Normal invoice verification and logistic invoice verification can be used alongside each other if needed. Benefits Some functions as „Unlimited multiple selection” are only available in Logistic Invoice Verification An incoming invoice contains a wealth of information An important question is the reference of the invoice, which uniquely identifies it to a transaction. If there is such a reference, the system calls on its previous „knowledge“ and proposes the appropriate values during verification of the invoice An invoice can be blocked Price negotiations are conducted at least once a year A part of the conditions agreed with the vendor is applied retroactively instead of directly with the merchandise invoice.

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Purpose, Benefits, and Key Process Steps Key Process Steps Goods Receipt-Based Invoice Verification with Reference to purchase order/delivery note without/with Differences Invoice Verification in Background Automatic Settlement Accept a quantity/price Variance and Release a Blocked Invoice

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Required SAP Applications and Company Roles Required SAP Applications SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 Company Roles Retail Buyer Invoice Verification Retail Warehouse Clerk Retail Masterdata Manger Purchaser Accounts Payable Accountant (Russia) Billing Administrator (Russia) Sales Administrator

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Process Flow Diagram Invoice Verification Create Purchase Order / Execute Goods Receipt Check Invoice Goods Receipt – Based Invoice Verification Automatic Settlement (ERS, Consignment, Invoicing Pan) Enter Invoice (In Dialog Mode, Parking, In the Background) Purchase Order – Based Invoice Verification With Reference to Purchase Order Retail Buyer Invoice Verification Preparation If Anomalies Exist With Reference to Delivery Note With Reference to Delivery Note With Reference to Purchase Order Correcting an Invoice (Accept a quantity price variance, Invoice reduction for quantity price variance, Automatic clearing of variances) Post Invoice Optional steps for scenario «Import Customs Declarations» Optional steps for scenario « Payment conditions depend on shelf life of goods »

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Invoice Verification Invoice Verification Vendor Distribution center Goods receipt Order number Goods receipt quantity Invoice data entry Company Code Gross amount Order number

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Invoice Verification Financial Accounting Logistic Start Invoice Verification Enter Vendor‘s invoice Invoice correct ? Assign to order / goods receipt Transfer accepted invoices Post invoice Correction

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Invoice Verification Enter Invoice data Invoice Verification online The invoice will be entered and checked online Invoice Verification in the background You enter the Invoice data online and the system will verify in the background Automatic Settlement Based on predefined rules the invoice will be posted automatically Assign the invoice to order, goods receipt, delivery note,... Document parking You receive an invoice, enter the data in the system, and save the invoice document. The system does not make any postings. You can change this parked document. When you have finished changing the document, you can post the parked document.

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Corrections Depends on the Situation there are several Corrections possible Accept a quantity variance Accept a price variance Reducing an invoice because of quantity variance Reducing an invoice because of price variance Subsequent Debits/Credits Posting Total-Based Differences Transfer the invoice to the Financial Accounting

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Условные обозначения <Функция> Внешнее относите-льно SAP Бизнес-операция/ событие Элементарный процесс Ссылка на процесс Ссылка на подпроцесс Решение процесса Распечатка/документ Финансовые показатели Планирование бюджета Процесс обработки вручную Существующая версия/данные Решение системы о соответствии

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