Обобщающее повторение . 8 класс. Unit 1.

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Обобщающее повторение . 8 класс. Unit 1. When do we use Scanning (Skimming, Reading for Detail)? Who do we write formal (informal) letters? C помощью каких префиксов образованы эти слова? Какое значение несут эти префиксы?Translate the words into Russian. Unhappy – Indirect - Irregular – Misunderstand – Disconnect –

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Fill in the gaps with the right words. I always get ______ early on Mondays. She gets _______ school on foot. My friend is feeling bad. Не has got _______. How are you getting _____? My brother went to Moscow, but he promised to get _______ in a week.

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Use the words to write sentences in the Present Perfect or Present Perfect Progressive. Use for or since. I / look for/ five months/ this book. ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. She / him /know/ last year ________________________________________________________________________________

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Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct form. She (work) for this company for 3 years. They are not in. They just (go) to the concert. I (know) her since 1998. It (rain) since yesterday.

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Определите время глагола-сказуемого. Задайте 4 типа вопросов к каждому предложению. He gets up at 7 a.m. every day.

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Tom visited his friend yesterday.

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We have already seen this film.

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They have been playing football for 2 hours.

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Translate from Russian into English. Как долго ты смотришь это фильм? ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Она живет в этом доме в течение 2 лет. _________________________________________________________________________ 3. Я знаю этого мужчину в течение 7 лет. _________________________________________________________________________