Present Perfect and Past Simple

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Present Perfect and Past Simple PRESENT PERFECT Действие закончено He has eaten a pie. Он съел пирожок. PAST SIMPLE Действие может быть не закончено He ate sweets five minutes ago. Он ел конфеты пять минут назад.

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PRESENT PERFECT Время действия не указано или используются слова: только что (just), уже (already), ещё нет (not yet). He has just run marathon. She has already done her homework. We have not written a composition yet. PAST SIMPLE Указано время действия в прошлом: тому назад (ago), в прошлом году (last year), вчера (yesterday). We went to Moscow last year. He did exercises two hours ago. They watched TV yesterday.

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PRESENT PERFECT Есть связь с текущим моментом I have run a kilometer, so I am tired Может быть указано, сколько раз выполнялось действие I have been to Paris three times PAST SIMPLE Нет связи с текущим моментом I ran a kilometer yesterday.

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PRESENT PERFECT + He has gone to lunch. He has not gone to lunch. ? Has he gone to lunch? PAST SIMPLE + He went to lunch an hour ago. He did not go to lunch an hour ago. ? Did he go to lunch an hour ago?

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Употребление Present Perfect и Past Simple в речи. -Have you been to London? -Yes, I have. -When did you go there? -I went there last summer. Present Perfect Past Simple