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TEST YOURSELF (for 6 th form) PAST INDEFINIT Выполнила Кривченко Светлана Александровна

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ТИП УРОКА: обобщение и закрепление знаний по теме. ЦЕЛЬ: Закрепить грамматический материал по теме (Past Indefinite Tense). ЗАДАЧИ: Активизация лексики по теме. Повторение и закрепление грамматического материала (прошедшее время).

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ЭТАПЫ УРОКА: 1 Организационный момент. 2 Постановка задач. 3 Практическое закрепление знаний по теме (Past Indefinite) - самостоятельная работа. 4 Подведение итогов урока. 5 Домашнее задание.

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WRITE THE THREE FORMS OF THE VERBS: Be, play, bake, buy, paint, wash, eat, flay, see, feed, get, give, clean, go, cook, have, drop, learn, make, visit, put, read, Ski, meet, skip, take, ask, walk, invite, dress.

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MAKE EACH SENTENCE INTERROGATIVE IN THE COUNTRY Last summer Ann and Kate lived in the country with their grandparents. In the spring Mrs. Melon planted a lot of flowers. And the girls helped their granny about the garden. They watered the plants, they gathered fruit and vegetables. Sometimes it rained. And the girls stayed at home. They painted the pictures. They watched TV.

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Open the briskets PETES BIRTHDAY We ___________(enjoy) the party. Peter ______(like) my presents very much. He _________ (smile) all the evening. Peters granny ________ (bake) a delicious cake. After tea we ______(play) different games. We _____ (laugh) much. Then we _______ (dance) in the yard.

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ANSWER THE QUESTIONS Did you travel last year? ______________ Did you live at the seaside last summer? ________________________________ Did you like yesterdays children TV programme? ______________________ Did you collect anything last year?______ _____________________ Did your visit your friends last Sunday? ________________________________ Did your mother bake a cake on your last birth Day?__________________________________

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ASK GENERAL, ALTERNATIVE, DISJUNCTIVE, SPECIAL QUESTIONS. Ann and Kate s granny baked a plum pie yesterday. G._______________________________ A.________________________________ D.________________________________ S.________________________________

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WRITE TRUE SENTENCE ABOUT YOU DIDN’T DO YESTERDAY. USE: play, guitar, water flowers, wash the flowers, watch TV, repair the stool, listen to music, skip, skate. EXAMPLE: I didn’t play the guitar yester day. ________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

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