It’s a Beautiful World

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It’s a Beautiful World

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Welcome to the Republic Altai ! A lot of tourists come to our republic every year. In what season do they especially come to the Republic Altai ? What holidays do people in our republic celebrate in this season ? What can we show for the tourists , for the visitors in our republic ? How do you understand these proverbs ? East or West home is best . There is no place like home.

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Topic: The Folk Festival El – Oyin .

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The first El-Oyin was held in Elo in Ongudaiski District in 1988

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The second El-Oyin was held in Shirgaita in Shebalinski District in 1990. The third El-Oyin was held in Kyrlyk in Ust-Kanski District in 1993. The fourth El-Oyin was held in Ulagan in Ulaganski District in 1995. The fifth El-Oyin was held in Boochi in Ongudaiski District in 1996. The sixth El-Oyin was held in Korumdu in Ust-Koksinski District in 1998. The seventh El-Oyin was held in Kokorya in Kosh-Agachski Disrict in 2000. The eighth El-Oyin was held in Chemal in Chemalski District in 2002. The ninth El-Oyin was held in Kebesen in Turochaski District in 2004. The tenth El-Oyin was held in Elo in Ongudaiskiy District in 2006. The eleventh El-Oyin was held in Elo in Ongudaiskiy District in 2008.

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The Emblems of El-Oyin :

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The Altai Sport Games: Конный спорт

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The Altai National Clothes:

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The Children Contest of Songs and Dances

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Answer the Questions : What holidays do you know in our country ? What holidays do you know in our republic ? What can you say about such holidays as «Christmas» «Easter» «Maslenitsa» «Nаurus», «Родники Алтая» What do we know about traditional Altai holidays ! Обучающиеся делают вывод по теме урока , рассказывают о наших национальных праздниках . IV. Заключительный этап. Накрытие стола , продуктами , имеющимся в наличии , для Эл-Ойына . Все садятся за стол (На столе боорсок , талкан , курут ,быштак ,аарчы , сарjу и т. д.)