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2012 Palgrave: Reading for Academic Purposes

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Профессиональное образование

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Введение в специальность

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Key Concepts предметный глоссарий, описание основополагающих законов, информацию о ведущих исследователях и специалистах в данной области,  и ссылки на сайты, рекомендованные авторами для дальнейшего изучения научной дисциплины.   для написания учебно- и научно-исследовательских работ

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Чтение по специальности List of Tables and Figures Introduction to Economics Key Concepts Underlying Economic Forces The Role of Governments The Business Framework Price Theory Degrees of Competition Degrees of Competition 2 Markets; Distribution Markets; Services Markets; Labour 1 Markets; Labour 2 Capital and Financial Markets Markets; Land and Housing Foreign Exchange Markets Agriculture and Commodity Markets Trade and the Balance-of-Payments International Institutions The European Union Money Public Finance Introduction to Macroeconomics Price Stability, Employment and Growth World Development and the Environment

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Anthropology Business and Management Computing and Information Technology Cultural and Media Studies Economics Engineering Finance and Banking International Relations Language & Linguistics Law Mathematics and Statistics Philosophy and Religion Politics Psychology Science Biological Sciences Chemistry Medicine Neuroscience Physics and Astronomy Social Policy Sociology

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Компетенции Обще учебная Инструментальная Критическое мышление

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Pocket Study Skills

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Just one of the 5* Amazon reviews for Brilliant Writing Tips for Students: ‘This book is exactly what it says on the cover - brilliant! It's fully comprehensive, covering everything from punctuation to improving your writing style. I particularly like the way the information is set out in a concise and very accessible way, and the graphics really make their point. The bit about the apostrophe, for example, is just fantastic - you couldn't ever get it wrong again!’ Taz from Wales

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