Тиреоидные последствия Чернобыльской катастрофы

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Тиреоидные последствия Чернобыльской катастрофы А.К. ЧЕБАН. УКРАИНА

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НЕОПУХОЛЕВЫЕ ТИРЕОИДНЫЕ ЭФФЕКТЫ ЧЕРНОБЫЛЬСКОЙ КАТАСТРОФЫ . Содержание общего тироксина (Т4, нмоль/л) в крови пострадавших в течение первого года после аварии на ЧАЭС.

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Содержание в крови детей общего тироксина (Т4) при поглощенных дозах более 2 Гр.(данные первого года после аварии).

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Динамика содержания тиреотропина (мед/л ) в крови в течение первого года после аварии в различных возрастных группах.

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ПОКАЗАТЕЛИ УЗИ ЩИТОВИДНОЙ ЖЕЛЕЗЫ УЗИ щитовидной железы детей 1984-1986 гг

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УЗИ щитовидной железы детей 1978-1983 гг.

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Thyroid screening in children born in 1983–1987 was held within framework of the Ukrainian-American Chernobyl Childhood Illness Program (CCIP) in 2001–2002.

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Распространенность хронического тиреоидита среди различных категорий пострадавших ( взрослые и подростки, на 10 000 )

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Распространенность гипотиреоза среди различных категорий пострадавших ( взрослые и подростки, на 10 000 )

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1. Alterations in thyroid system are marked characteristic for thyroid irradiation non-stochastic effects gradual progress within all period extent passed since the Chernobyl NPP accident. Direct time link to radiation factor, dose-dependence and dose threshold presence are characteristic signs of non-stochastic radiation effects. 2. Early primary functional thyroid reaction on radiation was observed within first year after accident presented through “euthyroid” hyperthyroxinemia, short-term “stress” hyperthyreotropinemia with further interconnections restoration in thyroxin-thyrotropin system. 3. Hyprethyroxinemia were in proportional dependence upon to the dose and inversely proportional to the age of examined persons. 4. Primary thyroid reaction on radiation, immune shifts of first years period after accident and further revealed in ultrasound study thyroid structure alterations (beginning from 1990 - 1991) indicated the chronic with high probability autoimmune thyroiditis genesis onset. ВЫВОДЫ

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5. Progressing thyroid radiation non-stochastic effects dependence upon thyroid dose and mode of radiation is present. Threshold dose at which radiation-conditioned effects are registered is about 30 cGy. 6. Initial clinical forms of thyroid irradiation non-stochastic effects i.e. chronic thyroiditis with outcome into hypothyroidism became clearly apparent since 1992 – 1993. Clinical survey results are testified with former epidemiological statistics data. 7. Thyroid irradiation non-stochastic effects — chronic thyroiditis with hypothyroidism outcome will further make substantial contribution in population thyroid morbidity among Chernobyl disaster survivors. 8. Progressing with time thyroid disorders will impact substantially on organism energy-supply system especially in adaptation and compensation mechanisms strain i.e. will affect the general psychosomatic morbidity. 9. Thyroid pathology and connected endocrine regulation integral disorders participation is possible in puberty period pathology (physical and sexual progress disorders), reproductive function and premature aging process genesis.