Конкурс знатоков английского языка

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Конкурс знатоков английского языка 6 класс Учитель английского языка Л.А.Ашикарьян

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Task 1. Answer the questions and introduce yourself. What is your name? What is your surname? What do you do? What nationality are you? What’s your hobby? What’s your favourite sport/subject/lucky number/happy day of the week? Where are you from?

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Task 2. You can help children if you use the correct form. SOS! Help us! We … in the sea. My name … Susan. I … in a boat. John … in the sea. It … very, very cold. We … from England. SOS! Help us.

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Task 3. Translate into English. Аня- моя одноклассница. Ей 11 лет. Она англичанка. Она из Великобритании. Ее фамилия Даф. Ее номер телефона 0713200. Ее хобби – теннис. Меня зовут Тони. Я из Америки. Мне 12 лет. Мой отец из Англии, а мама из Шотландии. Мои дедушка и бабушка находятся в Англии.

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Task 4. Write the text with full stops (.), capital letters, apostrophes. My names bob ive got a dog its name is spot my friends have got pets too this is mikes cat its black this is johns cat its white the cats basket is in the room

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Task 5. Insert some/any. I’ve got-----books in my bag. Have you got -----brothers or sisters? Yes, I have got a brother. Have you got ----- pets, Mike? Yes, I’ve got----- . I’ve got a cat and a dog.

Слайд 6

Task 6. Дополните следующие предложения указателем времени. 1. He is writing an exercise. a) now b) every day 2. He writes a lot of exercises. a) every week b) now 3. He will write a letter. a) now b) tomorrow

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Task 7. Игра «Национальности»

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Task 8. Make 5 questions to the following sentences. 1.Sandra always gets up early in the morning. 2.He is dancing with his girl-friend at the disco now.

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Task 9. Complete the sentences with time expressions from the list: at the moment, every day, always, tonight, never, now. 1.She … eats meat. She is a vegetarian. 2.Mother is baking a cake … . 3.They’re going to a party … . 4.She goes to the swimming pool … . 5.He cycles to his friend … . 6.He is playing the drums … .

Слайд 10

Task 10. Make as many words as you can out of the word SPORTSMAN