Complex Object Сложное дополнение

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Complex Object Сложное дополнение

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На русский язык Complex Object переводится придаточным предложением с союзами что, как, чтобы. При этом существительное или местоимение в косвенном падеже становится подлежащим, а инфинитив — сказуемым. I want you to come at 5. I want that you will come at 5. Я хочу, чтобы вы пришли в 5. (to) V1/ Ving

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(to) V1/ Ving 1. желания: to want, to wish, to desire, would like; 2. предположения: to expect, to believe, to think, to suppose, to consider, to find; 3. приказания, просьбы: to command, to order, to ask, to allow; 4. чувственного восприятия: to see, to hear, to notice, to feel, to watch, to observe; 5. побуждения: to make, to force, to have, to let; to to me, him, her, it, you, us, them любое существительное

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I saw him enter the house. Я увидел, как он вошел в дом. I saw him entering the house. Я увидел, как он входил в дом. I heard a car stop outside. I felt someone watching me. I watched the ship leave the port. Nobody noticed him disappear. Let me tell you something. She made me laugh. что сделал? что делал?

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Mother doesn't want (чтобы ее дети плакали ). 2. Enrique Iglesias expected (чтобы его песня стала популярной). 3. He made (ее принести ему немного молока ) 4. He didn't notice (как Мэри вошла в комнату) 5. She watched (как дети играли) 6. Our teacher wants (чтобы мы делали домашнюю работу) 7. My father didn't let ( мне пойти в кино со своими друзьями) I have never heard (чтобы он хвалился) 9. We saw (как они переходили улицу) 10. They expected (что он купить все) her children to cry. his song to become popular. her bring him some milk. Mary enter the room. her children playing. us to do homework. me go to the pictures with my friends. him boasting them crossing the street him to buy everything.

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Поставь слова в скобках в нужную форму. Do you want (they, stay) at the hotel or with us? I’d like (the professor , look through) my report. We expect (he, arrange) everything for the party. I saw (she, clean) the room. What makes (you, do) such rush actions? I have never heard (Helen, sing). They watched (our team, play ) football in Vancouver. I noticed (he, write) something. My parents don’t let (I, go out) late. I considered (John, be) the best student in his class. 1. them to stay 2. the professor to look through 3. him to arrange 4. her clean / cleaning 5. you do 6. Helen sing 7. our team playing/ play 8. him write/ writing 9. me go out 10. John to be

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Переделайте предложения, использую Complex Object I didn’t expect that he would forget about my birthday. 2. She saw how the boys were riding bikes in the park. 3. I like to watch how she dances. 4. I hate when people shout at each other. 5. The mother likes to watch how the sun sets. 6. We expect that he will solve this problem soon. 7. Do you know that he went abroad two days ago? I didn’t expect him to forget about my birthday. She saw the boys riding bikes in the park. I like to watch her dance. I hate people shout at each other. The mother likes to watch the sun set. We expect him to solve this problem soon. Do you know him to go abroad two days ago?

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