The usage of distance learning for the implementation of training standards in ATM

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The usage of distance learning for the implementation of training standards in ATM Moscow September 2004 Evgeny Shcherbakov, GosNII “Aeronavigatsia”

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Organization of professional ATCo’s training FAA РЦК Regional training centers ATM centers GosNII Aeronavigation ATM centers ATM senters State ATM corporation

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FAA training requirements Annual training (refresher training): Technical training Training of special features before the winter and summer time Preparation for the license validation Training in the case of ATC operational mistakes Self training Getting permission for new ATC sector Upgrade training within two years ATM training Language training In case of changing of the work duty

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Training cost distribution

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Distance learning in Russian ATM system (Milestones) 1996-1999 the research and the first phase of work 2003 the order of FAA to use the distance learning methods in training 2004 год 50 ATC centers apply the distance learning approach in training

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Structure of ATM distance learning network FAA РЦК Training centers RTC (ATC center) GosNII Aeronavigation RTC (ATC center) RTC (ATC center) State ATM corporation

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Krasnoyarsk region Tura Tunguzska Abakan Kyzyl Vanavara Podkamennaya – Tunguzka

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Computer training tools structure for ATM distance learning system Course development module Works position for trainees and trainers General information objects Training Exercises Courses packages DB staff; Training courses Check questions: tests; Training results; Intanet server

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Methods of training with the usage of computer training tools Individual access to Information data base Self training training test Training exercises and questions Tests Training Exercises Information objects Individual access

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Training and information data base development Approved syllabuses Russian and International documents Training materials Media recourses Check questions, tests

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Training and information data base Russian regulatory documents: about 20 documents defining the rules of operation of ATM system Training courses: 1. Flight safety provision 2. Aero navigation 3. Aviation meteorology 4. Aircraft performance 5. Technical flight provision 6. Air traffic service

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Training and information data base for language training 1. ICAO phraseology, containing about 60 topics and 300 linguistic exercise 2. ATC communication in emergency 3. General English 4. Aviation lexicon 5. Aviation English dictionary 6. ICAO phraseology test

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Multimedia Exercise Templates 1. Find Pairs 2. Image Matching 3. Picture Matching 4. Crossword 5. Abbreviations 6. How do you say 7. Look and say 8. Match words to phrases 9. Multicombo 10. Compose sentence 11. Multiple choice 12. Listen. Fill in the blanks 13. Listen. Choose the answer 14. Listen. Compose the answer 15. Universal exercise 16. Text 17. Dialogue

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Training and information data base Questions: About 2000 questions for the aviation theory test of ATC controllers About 8000 alternative answers About 1000 questions for the ICAO phraseology test of ATC controllers About 8000 alternative answers

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Course development process Test First specification And course development Inheritance of training Materials Specification of next version Change of current version Completion of work

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Training and information data base Extension of syllabuses : ATS in the RVSM airspace ATS with the TCAS operation ICAO language proficiency test ….

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Course distribution

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Feedback Regional subsidiaries Regional DB State ATM corporation General DB ATC centers Local DB Шифрованные пакеты

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Training results analyses system

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The benefit of distance learning approach The quality training provision in remote ATC centers Implementation of the training standards Permanent quality control Methodology and information support of training in ATC centers Accumulation of knowledge and skills

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Area of collaboration Mutual development of training and information data base with CIS countries and Eurocontrol in the following areas: Harmonization of CCC and the core of training and information data base Extension of aviation language course library Aviation language test development Extension of training and information data base in the case of new technology and equipment implementation Establishing of join training centers using the combination of training technologies