The 8th December Monday

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The 8th December Monday TORNADO

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PLAN 1.DAILY TALK 2. P1,P2,P3… Ex. 1 - 4b p.54-55 3. P1 P2 Ex.4c p54, ? 4.The pyramid story

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Джинсы были сделаны в 1873 году. Кафе было открыто в прошлом году. Материал был покрашен синим. Мы видели как они продавали рисунки.

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? What would you do if… Can you compare.. What associations do you have… What (where, When… What is your opinion… What is the connection between What are the reasons (results) of

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The Pyramid Story The name of the disaster (1 word) Characteristics (2 words) The place of the event (3 words) The problem (4 words) The first event (5 words) The second event (6 words) The third event (7 words) The result (8 words)

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Homework W.b. lesson 5 Ex.5 p Words p.54 -55