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Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение «Маардуская гимназия» Маарду-Таллинн, Эстония Предлоги Prepositions Подготовила: Наст Галина Петровна учитель английского языка старший преподаватель Маардуской гимназии Маарду-Таллинн Эстония

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ON; IN ; INSIDE ; AT; UNDER; OVER ; WITH ; BEHIND ; BETWEEN ; NEXT TO P r e p o s i t i o n s

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It is me. And I can be EVERYWHERE.

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You can not see me because … INSIDE ; IN …I am INSIDE of it.

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I am IN FRONT OF it. IN FRONT OF Because I like it.

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You are not AT home… …so I can Sit IN your.. …er… IN my armchair. NB! Sit in the armchair; but on the chair And also ON my chair.

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I can jump OVER it… OVER Could you see ?

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I am UNDER your chair. Guess where I am. Help ! UNDER

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I am glad to see you again. I do not want to be BEHIND the door. BEHIND

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Again WITH him, not WITH me. WITH But I do not care

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Next to me… How comfortable ! NEXT TO

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T r a n s l a t e: Кувшин на столе. A jug is ON the table. Чашка рядом с ним. A cup is NEXT TO it. Мышка под столом. A mouse is UNDER the table. Кот на стуле. A cat is ON the chair. Ковер перед диваном. A carpet is IN FRONT OF the sofa. Мой друг со мной. My friend is WITH me. Кот за дверью. The cat is BEHIND the door.

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